Modifying Huel Quantity When Trekking?

Shortly I’ll be heading off on a 300 mile walk (carrying tent, sleeping bag and camera gear). I’ll be walking around 20 miles a day (no huge ascents or descents). As the route I’m taking often avoids habitation I am hoping to carry Huel to use when I’m unable to pick up supplies or eat out. Potentially for many days at a time. I am carrying a water filter so hydrating the Huel shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Has anyone used Huel in this kind of situation? How did you modify quantities? Did you find you needed to supplement it with anything else?

Huel sounds ideal for this scenario, I wouldn’t bother modifying it at all. I’ve done much smaller hill walks (20 miles) and have found huel to be perfect for those days out.

Thanks. Been using it over the last six weeks (maybe averaging one meal a day) and it’s been working great for me. I’m just a little concerned that I’ll need something extra with all the calories I’ll be burning. I do have a bit of belly to lose though, so maybe this is the answer.

You will undoubtedly need to consume more calories than during your usual daily round. But look, step one, calculate your normal TDEE for weight maintenance(*).

Then second, get an estimate of how many calories you will expend while hiking using for example myfitnesspal’s calculator – put in the word hiking and click Search, select an entry, enter your weight and how many minutes you’ll be walking in a typical day. You’ll find you’re likely to expend 2000 kcal or more, just from the exercise.

Add the TDEE value to the exercise value; work out how many grams of Huel that amounts to, and pack that much Huel in a zip-lok baggie for one day’s travel ration.

(*) maintenance, because I don’t think it’s wise to try to both lose weight and hike 300miles. One challenge at a time; anyway, during that long walk you will inevitably convert some fat to lean mass even if you exactly match calories in to out.