Morrisey and Huel?

Do you think he has ever used ?

I accepted your assignment and did a little bit of research. Morrissey has recently become vegan after many years of being a vegetarian. At first this seems to suggest he is the target market for a product like Huel.

However, says he is worth $50 million, so I suspect he pays someone to prepare his vegan meals for him. He also doesn’t have a normal job, so the convenience thing wouldn’t be an issue for him. Although maybe it would be useful when he’s on tour, I still imagine him paying people to prepare his food while on tour.


I think that he probably prefers to drink something else but that is another matter.

Hey, I don’t want to be rude but you’ve been warned about appropriate conduct. Don’t force me to discipline you…

Click his profile image. He’s been suspended for a month.

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I guess I better cut out the double entendres then. The skill is to make them so subtle anyone who might be offended doesn’t notice them & the joke is only delivered to those of like mind. I’m not that good but I think HuelMeUpUK will admit s/he wasn’t even aiming for subtle :wink:

As to the forum rules, fair enough. They are the rules & aren’t unreasonable, though given Huel isn’t aimed at children I don’t think HuelMe was likely to cause any actual harm. Perhaps s/he was simply a little too prolific.

I think the point of that part of the rules is not so much whether Huel is aimed at children, but rather that this forum is visible to anyone. I personally have no problem with adult humour in itself, and can be as crude as anyone. It’s just there’s a place for things.

That being said, most children these days probably know more than some older adults do. I read something recently that pointed out the following: children swear when around other children, and adults swear when around other adults, but adults and children tend to avoid swearing when around each other.

The same is probably true about discussing human reproduction. Once children find out about it, they tend to be obsessed with it because it’s a forbidden topic of conversation. It does make me wonder what would happen if everyone was totally open about things, like if the whole family were to gather round while mummy and daddy were making the next baby. It would probably remove all the mystery so they don’t become obsessed with it. Or it could scar them for life, I don’t know.

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