MSK Flavourings

Has anyone had any experience using these flavourings?

I got a bag of U&U today and iā€™m thinking of getting some cheese/bacon/toast flavourings etc, seeing if i can make up a savoury huel, just wondering if anyone else has tried them? :slight_smile:

I bit the bullet and ordered a couple of these, i got cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato and hickory smoke.

I can confirm that there were slight hints of a bacony aftertaste. I can also confirm that there was no cheese taste at all. I can further confirm that adding a drop of the tomato flavouring almost made me throw up.

0/10 wouldnt recommend ;(

What did the bullet taste like?

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The bullet was the best tasting part, and i was low on zinc so the small amount of zinc really helps.

Gunpowder tastes nice depending on the quality.

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