Mucus/phlegm when using Huel

I have a small amount of psoriasis on my scalp, and want to undertake an elimination diet. I have taken only Huel for the past four days, and have increased mucus after each mouthful. I am lactose intolerant but Huel is dairy free. Any thoughts?

Try taking sips of water beween and after your Huel and see if it clears it up, and report back, just cause I’m curious :slight_smile:

I expect it’s because it’s a cold think liquid - this texture and temperature combination is well known for increasing mucus.

For example, lots of people find ice cream causes them phlegm problems, and knowing that dairy aggravates and increases phlegm production, they switch to dairy free ice cream, only to discover that it causes similar problems.

If it’s a major issue, try having it slightly more watery and at room temperature, or at least not icy cold straight from the fridge - this should help