My 30 year adventure

So reaching 30 years old this year hit me like nuclear explosion, an initial shock followed by a slow devastating radiation of what little confidence was left. I am linking this to my absolutely abysmal diet of popular fizzy drinks (sounds like oca ola) and absolutely every convenient fast food available to modern day humans (I am not proud). I seem to hold everything I eat and drink around my belly and waist, likely due to the mountain of sugar in my daily intake. I have had enough of feeling like that chimpanzee in all the internet memes.

So this morning I started huel for the sole purpose of reducing body fat and I will keep you updated and add further context later today.

My first shake this morning was mixed with my coffee and it was ok lets see what my belly feels like by lunchtime. My very first taste was interesting and if I am going to stick with this, it will need adjusting.

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