My 4th Hueliversary!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years since my first Huel order, on 22nd May 2017. That’s crazy!

Thank you Huel, for helping me become a better me :heart:


checks calendar…

Nice!! My first order was 22nd February 2020 :eyes: :seedling:

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First order October 22, 2018. What is it with 22nd day of the month for people’s first order?

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@harrythehueligan you noob you :sunglasses:

@Jonkki it must be something in the water (or the Huel) :joy:

I added a picture of my first order to the post - Huel Power 2.2 though? I thought it was 2.1 back then!

Congrats! I think I will make also achieve 4 years in a couple of months

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There is a lot of history on this forum for sure :sweat_smile: and I did grab the final bags of v2.3 before it changed to v3.0!

@Jonkki I guess it’s near enough to payday to warrant forking out some cash hahah

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I feel so new, I only started my own account in Feb 21

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22nd of March 2017 - 4 years already!

Just checked mine - 4 years too! Jan 5th 2017 was my first order (v 2.1).

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Omgg all these 4 year Hueligans, so awesome to have you here!

That’s so strange all 3 of you were 22nd. Is that often a payday for people?

You can check out our version history here!


Payday is the 28th for me.

Maybe we are strategically buying Huel in week 3 to use up the last bit of money before our partners see it and go - “Ooh we’ve got leftover cash this month! I can buy more clothes that I’ll never wear!”

MAYBE, just maybe 22 is the magic number!!