My Experience so far

Hi Everyone

My name is Brian and I’m quite new to huel, with just using the product for about 2 weeks so far and I’ve got to say I’m impressed with it lost 1.5kg with no exercise just now, so far on my journey and I have only been using it for breakfast just now but will be looking into using huel for breakfast and lunch in the future.

I’ve been using the vanilla and banana so far and on my next order I have got the chocolate and berry coming, which I’m quite excited about, just hoping there as good as the vanilla and banana hopefully will get through all the flavours so I can decide whats best for me.

I have only been using it as a shake just now but once I get a chance I will start experimenting with it. If anyone would like to share there recipes and experience with me give me a shout please.

Well that is my experience so far from using huel.

Hopefully will get better results from when I start exercising from tomorrow and will share my results and experience.

Hope everyone is staying safe and keep on Hueling.


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Hello Brian - there is quite a big recipe section in these forums for you to browse through for ideas. Glad to hear its working out well for you!

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