My first batch!

Huel arrived today so made up my first batch and in the fridge for the morning. Used a blender with 3 scoops, 600ml water plus a small banana. Can’t wait to taste. Smells yummy.

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Don’t get too excited. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though refrigerating overnight is a good way to go. It’s the only way for me…unless something like being at a festival/travelling or whatever makes it impossible.

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Tasted good. Second batch is minus the banana but with a teaspoon of coffee and a small squirt of maple syrup. Verdict in the morning!

coffee is good…

Coffee is good but guess what? Even better with a splash of maple syrup!

Do you mean made coffee drink or coffee flavourings?

1 x teaspoon of instant coffee (Nescafe Gold Blend!)