My Fuel Journey Log


  • 51 year old male
  • 1.62m
  • slightly overweight - ie noticeable gut developing!


  1. Wanting to get back into about 6 really nice shirts that I seem to have outgrown over the last year.
  2. 50 years of very poor diet - I am lucky not to have health issues. I need to address that.
  3. Starting to feel tired a lot - hope huel health benefits plus improved sleep pattern will help with this.


Sedentary 9-5 and fairly active in evenings with sports.


Using MyFitnessPal and Runtastic as trackers
Hit this HARD for 1 month and see how much comes off in 1 month

  • cut out ALL chocolate and sweets
  • cut out ALL fast foods (Macdees,chinese,indians,pizzas etc)
  • only one < 350 cal item of food a day, plus 2 x 2 scoop Huel

This will be under recommended calorie intake, so I will re-assess after 2 weeks if it’s not working out.

Diary Starts April 30th 2018 - Charting 1 month progress, ie this is a May challenge!

Week 1 Start Weight 74.5 Kg
Day 1 - 2 scoop breaky - pie for lunch - 3 scoop dinner = 1200 cals
Day 2 - 2 scoop breaky - cheese/bacon turnover + tangerine for lunch - 2 scoop / choc dinner = 1160 cals


Hiya! All the best in your journey, will be keen to follow your updates and progress :slight_smile:

(You can check out my daily Huel log too if you feel lonely! XD)

Can we get a height too? :smiley:

Height added as requested :slight_smile:

Day 3 + Apple for Breaky + Sausage Roll for lunch + 3 scoop for dinner - 500 cal squash game = 406 cals