My hopeful Huel journey and journal 📓


@jeffy89 thank you! That’s a great tip! I just got home and noticed my kids have eaten all the bananas :scream::joy: so my morning shake will have to be a plain vanilla/coffee one. But i’ll Buy some at work! Quick Q… do you freeze the banana out of their skin? I’ve never even attempted to freeze a banana before :see_no_evil:
Thank you for following my journey too. We’ve both been through some tough experiences. Huel does seem to be the shining light at the end of my tunnel… and seems to be helping you no end too.
I feel so full after having just 2 shakes today. Might be first day excitement, but hopefully I don’t get that crash and burn for the munchies!
I work very early mornings, so I’m normally asleep by 8/9pm and awake at 5am every day and like you, I love to go to sleep on an empty stomach. I feel awful if I eat then fall straight asleep, so my last meal of the day is always around 4/5pm

@Zebra2374 thank you. And thank you for reading it all… it’s kind of a short version too… :see_no_evil::joy:


Day one completed :tada:

  • Breakfast: 3 scoops of new vanilla + fresh instant coffee (3 tsp)
  • Lunch: 3 scoops of new vanilla + fresh instant coffee (3tsp)
  • Dinner: a very bad choice of local burger joint 1/2lb burger with cheese
    (TMI: within 15mins it had gone completely through me… 5x :sob::weary:)

Drink wise, I stuck to plain water and this evening I have had a bottle of Arizona blueberry white tea 500ml

Total calories consumed:1,942 (appx as I’m unsure of the burgers actual calorific value!)

Exercise: day off work today, so didn’t do much, but 6,557 steps as of now

Weight: 15st 5.6lbs

I really enjoyed my first day, I didn’t have any cravings for anything snack wise or even bread which is surprising!
I did however NOT enjoy the banana flavour I tried and that made my lunchtime shake almost unbareable, I diluted it loads, then downed it as quickly as I could. I’m actually gutted I didn’t like it, but tomorrow, I’m going to try using fresh bananas to get hopefully a less sweetened sickly taste.
I really like the new vanilla flavouring, maybe not completely on its own, but with coffee added to it.

I’ve already made up a shake for breakfast tomorrow, I leave the house around 5:30am, so will be nice having those extra few minutes spare to NOT prepare something :heart_eyes:

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Do not eat fatty foods!!! :face_vomiting:
  2. Try another flavour sample, but only HALF the sachet this time, I’m thinking rhubarb and custard as that’s one of my all time favourite sweets as a kid!
  3. DRINK MORE WATER! I only drinks hot plain water, and bottled cold water, today I’ve only managed 500mls hot water and about 200mls cold bottled (+ the Arizona ice tea) which I know is not enough… normal days intake of water is about 3 litres, so today. I was slacking.

I’m not expecting a miracle overnight with Huel, but I am hoping this is finally the breakthrough I need to get back control of my body, my eating and my mind. Without resorting to a fad diet that lasts 3 days max!

If I’m still here and writing my diary in 5 days… :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2: I’ll be very impressed!


Never ever ever in the skin!! Absolute nightmare to get it back out once frozen haha


@GTIPuG :joy::joy: thanks! I am pretty clueless :see_no_evil:


Seconded! #truestory #frozenfingers
I’d recommend slicing it into banana coins and freezing it in a single layer in a ziploc bag :slight_smile: Frozen banana coins make for a great summer snack too! (SUPER CREAMY, almost like ice cream!)
Or if you’re just going to blend it into a Huel shake, you could freeze it in banana thirds or halves to make it easier to blend :slight_smile:

Don’t disappear on me Huel-diary-buddy! :smiley:


Day two completed :tada::tada:

Breakfast: 3 scoops of new vanilla + fresh instant coffee (3 tsp)
Lunch: 3 scoops of new vanilla + fresh instant coffee (3tsp) + fresh banana
Dinner: homemade spaghetti bolognese, it’s my favourite meal and I’ve been craving it for about 3 months…

Drinks: 1 can of Pepsi (free at work!) and 1/2 a bottle of cherry and apple polish juice drink. 1 mug of hot water and a few sips of water whilst working.

Total calories consumed: 2,893 :scream::scream::scream: (appx as I’m not sure how many calories my dinner had, I input individual things on my fitness pal but I didn’t weigh my portions, so I guessed the actual calorific value!)

Exercise: 6.5 hours at work, on my feet contasntly. :fearful:Walked 5.9miles according to Apple health!!! I’m normally very sedentary when I’m not working, so this was an improvement. I actually managed the whole shift on just one shake. Got home about 1pm and wasn’t even hungry :scream::smiley:

Weight: not weighing myself for about a week. Hoping to see a loss (if I get my calories down :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:)

I tried the rhubarb and custard flavouring, I added 1/4 teaspoon and even that was just :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: sugarnasty… I really don’t think I’ll like them, but however I read a thread on here saying that adding the flavouring to milk turns them into a yummy “frijj” style drink.
I put some milk in a shaker and added the toffee one, gave it to my daughter, and hey ho… she was begging for more! So least I can offload the rest of my samples to a kid or two… so they’re not wasted. But I’m sticking to vanilla/coffee mix. :raised_hands:t2:

Oh and @jeffy89 @GTIPuG YOU GUYS ROCK… adding banana was the best idea ever!!! So creamy… made such a difference to the consistency of the shake! I’ve brought a huge bunch and I’m freezing them tonite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Not eat so much dinner :joy::see_no_evil:
  2. Drink more water!! (Again) I really think not drinking enough will hinder me…??
  3. Possibly do some exercise? I need to do major housework, so that counts right :joy:


Don’t worry, I’m not gonna go anywhere! I’m determined to make this work :facepunch:t2::kissing_heart:


Day three completed :tada::tada::tada: (was too tired yesterday to upload)

Breakfast: Vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee + banana
Lunch: Vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + WAY TOO MUCH instant coffee
Dinner: left over bolognese turned into chilli con carne with basmati rice

Snack: 1/6th of a quiche :see_no_evil:

Drinks: 1 can of Pepsi (free at work again) 2ltrs of hot water (measured my mug, it holds 500mls :+1:t2:)

Total calories consumed: 2,040 (daily goal is 1,500)

Exercise: 11,440 steps (5.7 miles) and I ALMOST, JUST ALMOST closed all 3 rings on my Apple Watch activity app!

Weight: actually weighed myself, but at different time of day and whilst wearing clothing… shouldn’t have! The scales said I’ve gained 4lbs :joy::see_no_evil: so I’m gonna stick to weekly, or even bi weekly weigh ins!!!

Yesterday, I had stocktake at work, it was quite stressful and I did a lot more than usual. I had my morning shake whilst working and it took me ages to drink. I kept putting in back into the walk in freezer to cool it down as the kitchen is unbearably hot when I’m baking :sweat_smile: I got home about midday and wasn’t even interested in having my second shake. I did eventually make it, but I was shocked to notice how not hungry I am, normally I finish work and I’m ravenous to wholf down a sandwich, crisps, chocolate… but I didn’t even crave any of them!

I made my second shake with WAY too much coffee in it, I started getting palpitations and had to sit down for about 30mins and try to calm my heart rate :see_no_evil:
My heart is a dodgy ticker, since I’ve recover3d from narcotics, I’ve worn a heart monitor as it doesn’t like to play ball… if I eat anything with high sugar content, it freaks out. Jellybeans and skittles are the worst. I also think feel like I’m on drugs when I eat them… it’s horrible, I’m so glad I’m sober now, as I do not like that feeling at all… at all.

At dinnetime, I wasn’t even hungry again, but as we had left over bolognese, I thought I’d add some fresh jalapeños and cumin and cook some rice. I even measured the rice! I’ve never ever measured my food out before, I’m glad I did too, because it made the perfect amount of rice. Any more and I would have over eaten OR wasted food :see_no_evil: I struggled to eat the meal, and as I ate every mouthful I kept thinking, I should have just had a shake instead.

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Continue drinking more water, yesterday I did it! :grin: but could still improve
  2. Think about forgoing a main meal, try to keep calories down. Or even on target!
  3. Close all 3 rings on my Apple Watch activity


Day four completed :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Breakfast: Vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee + :banana:
Lunch: Vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + 50g blueberries + :banana:
Dinner: HUGE FAIL :see_no_evil: basmati rice 100g + left over bolognese turned into chilli + Loads of BBQ sauce + 2 spring onions. (Calories approx)

Snacks: dried mango from Lidl 100g

Drinks: 1 litre hot water, 2 cans of Pepsi

Total calories consumed: 2,608*approx (daily goal 1,500)

Exercise: 12,896 steps :tada: also I managed to close all my rings on my Apple Watch :watch::facepunch:t2::ok_hand:t2::100:
I worked today, but not as hard as last two days. So not sure how I did more than my previous days :thinking::joy:

Weight: bloated and feeling very fatty natty :sob::sob:

I had in my mind, I was going to not eat a dinner today, I was going to have 3 shakes today!! but the leftover bolognese in the fridge was calling me, I don’t like to waste food and all 4 of the kids had pizza for dinner. :pizza::heart_eyes: :pizza:
I REALLY wanted pizza :confounded: I almost ordered one for myself, but again, the leftover bolognese was calling my name.

I ate the bolognese, turned it into chilli con carne, and regretting every mouthful, but… tomorrow is another day.:woman_facepalming:t3:

I think I need to abstain from foods for my appetite to get used to eating less. I wasn’t actually hungry when I thought about dinner and easily could have gone without it, but because it’s routine, I’m finding it hard to break!

I’m only on day four but I feel like I’m already failing. :sob:

Thinking about what I used to eat, :thinking: and before I even thought about counting any calories, I was most likely consuming daily in excess of 3,000/4,000 calories. Easily. :scream:

So in a round about way, I am slowly going to lose weight just because I’m not eating THAT much anymore. :zipper_mouth_face:

Also, thinking about how much less I am eating now and how many calories are in literally everything, it’s so hard to think about only eating 1,500 calories a day :thinking::weary::disappointed:

If I don’t include bananas, or blueberries, or snack on dried mango, or drink a can of pepsi or two… I could stick to 1,500 by drinking 3x 3 scoops a day. But is that really realistic?? Long term?

I have a lot of weight to lose, 4 stone ideally. :persevere: and it’s going to be so hard!!

Or that’s how I feel right now.

I know it’s going to take a long time, this is not a quick fix fad diet, its about changing my lifestyle and my relationship with food.

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Do not snack! :no_entry_sign:
  2. DO NOT SNACK!:no_entry_sign:
  3. Cut out the Pepsi (for like a day or two!)
  4. Get through day 5 :+1:t2:
  5. Drink more water :sweat_drops:


Good job on getting through Day 4! :smiley:

Just my 2 cents’ worth:

I notice you’re being quite harsh on yourself, and that in itself is a tough habit to break.
It seems like you’re trying to change too much at one go, and beating yourself up if you don’t meet the many goals you set out. I’ve done that too, for many many years.

Exactly! It’s important to realise that everyone has a different starting point. Yes, math is math, and perhaps one day you’ll get your calories down to 1500. But right now, there’s so many small things you can change to make it part of your lifestyle, and you don’t have to plunge right in now. In fact, doing that can be counter-productive and make it more likely for you to give up.

What I did (when my starting point was literally binging on sweets from the moment I woke to the moment I slept), was to tell myself that I’ll just give myself ONE goal: Eat from 12nn-8pm everyday, for 2 weeks. I’d still allow myself to eat everything I wanted, which made it easier to stick to. After those 2 weeks, I gradually added more goals. It took me about 4-5 weeks before I started eating 1500kcal, and sometimes I still eat more than that.

Tl;dr my suggestion – How about you just give yourself one goal of ‘cutting out the pepsi’ for 1 week? You can always add more goals as time goes by; little habits build up over the long run :slight_smile:


You’re so right. I’m very good at self defamation, I call it constructive criticism and try to joke it off :see_no_evil::pensive:

This is exactly what I do on day 3/4 of every diet I start. I always think
“What’s the point” and self sabotage.
I did think, at least it wasn’t bad foods I ate… it was fruit and vegetables with a decent dinner (although maybe not the bbq sauce!)
So even though my calories are higher than I’d like, they’re still LOWER than usual and it’s not “bad” food I’ve consumed?!??

That’s a great plan. I was already only setting little goals, but maybe I need to focus on a better goal each week. I’ll keep my daily goals of drinking more water!! But i’ll Set a weekly one (starting tomorrow… :no_entry_sign:Pepsi)

I kind of already do IF as I only eat between the hours of 5:30am and 6pm… should I close this window to a smaller amount of time to be able to eat in?
I work most days starting at 5:30-6am and I’m ready for bed by 7pm every night :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: so I could definitely start IF with a smaller window of eating time?

Thanks so much for your positive comments too @jeffy89
I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this stuff. My kids just :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: at me and my family aren’t really interested or bothered.
I probably would have gone to bed feeling really disheartened but now I’m feeling positive again and looking forward to a fresh new day and a new goal to achieve.

Thank you :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Day five completed :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Breakfast: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee
Lunch: new vans v2.3 x3 scoops + 1/8th mocha FS
Dinner: stir fry mushrooms, quorn pieces, sweetcorn, Caribbean stir fry sauce & basmati rice.

Snacks: quorn cocktail sausages

Drinks: 1.5ltrs hot water! 500mls sparkling water.

Total calories consumed: 2,394 (daily goal 1,500)

Exercise: 8,385 steps walked to supermarket and did washing up, the washing up took 5 hours… no joke. Imagine a house full of teenagers and every single piece of cutlery, dinnerware, utensil USED and unwashed. My kitchen is 19ft long, and the washing up went from one end to the other!!! I wish I had a dishwasher

Weight: unknown, BUT I looked in the mirror this morning and I thought for a second… woah, you’re not as bloated as usual!

Today, I didn’t do much at all, I slept in till 10am… :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:. Normally I’m up at 5am everyday and on my rare days off, I always like to make the most of not waking up!
I needed to do housework, as I’ve been putting it off for weeks. Decided to sort out the kitchen, as my kids are so lazy and they never ever wash up after themselves! I can’t believe it took me almost 5 hours!! But that’s gotta count towards exercise right??

I thought about what @jeffy89 said yesterday and I have decided to not worry about the calories I’m consuming, I am making huge improvements already by eliminating chocolates, sweets, bread, crisps and all the other crap I would usually eat every single day. Today I did start a Pepsi ban though and I’m going to try to make it through the week without it!

I also looked into IF and I’m going to give it a try, I’m thinking 16:8 and starting my feeding times to 6am - 4pm and fasting between 4pm - 6am.
This works with my work hours and I’ve been thinking, possibly on my days off, it might make me consume less as I won’t be awake from 6am but I will stick to the 4pm deadline. Possibly forgoing breakfast or an evening meal? Or even just having shakes on those days??
Im not completely sure on it yet, but I’m definitely toying with the idea.

Weekly goal:

  • Avoid Pepsi :no_entry_sign::joy:

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Drink more water! :droplet:
  2. Exercise more (close all 3 rings on :watch:️)
  3. Possibly try 3 shakes instead of an evening meal.


This may sound all lovely and fluffy and reassuring, but fundamentally, you’ll never lose weight in caloric surplus.

It sounds like it’s going to either be a case of maintain sanity by eating in excess, or lose weight and be temporarily miserable while you get accustomed. But either way, I don’t think we should encourage people “not to worry about the calories” when they’re specifically hoping for weight loss - That’s a slippery slope, similar to giving every participant in school races a medal instead of just the winner.


Even as messed up as my pervious relationships with food have been, I second this.


You Certainly don’t want to being “worrying” to the point its causing stress so do what you need to do to get around that, but you can not defy physics either.

Basically, to be fair, if you are picking better food choices by eliminating junk caloric dense foods and replacing them with more filling nutritious things then you are bound to still lose weight, again simply because you’ll be eating less calories than you were, so no, you don’t necessarily have to track calories to do this, if you know that the foods you are eating day in, day out, are containing less calories overall.

My mother for example has lost several stone simply by cutting out rubbishy junk foods, and consistently eating a decent diet, she doesn’t track and honestly she wouldn’t know where to begin, I tried explaining the basics of macros to her before and watched as she glazed over… :joy: But the point is still the same, if somehow you’ve created a caloric deficit by eating a better diet you’ll lose weight.

If you overate with several thousand calories of broccoli you’d gain weight, if you overate the same about in Mars bars you’d still gain the same weight, it’s just a lot harder (basically impossible) to over eat a massive amount of broccoli, because it’s not calorie dense.

Hope this helps.


I don’t think I encouraged disregarding calories, since I’m a believer in Calories In Calories Out. A couple of points:

  1. I think we agree that in order to lose weight, she has to be in a caloric deficit
  2. What we disagree on is how to get there: if you’ve read her posts you’d realise that over-worrying about eating more than 1500kcal is making her mentally more likely to give up entirely, which, in the end, is NOT going to put her in a caloric deficit

There’s a fine line between empathy and making excuses/being weak, and so long as she keeps making steps to improve herself and her diet, it’s evident she’s making steps to get there eventually.

Oh and I second this too ^ :slight_smile:

There’s an analogy I find very useful:

  • CICO is like telling people “in order to make money, you gotta save more than you spend”, but that’s very often not exactly the most useful piece of advice.
  • It’s important to find out WHY you’re spending more than you’re saving. And then to take small, consistent steps to correct that over the long term.
  • CICO is the mechanism of weight loss, but the method is important too, and what works for each individual often varies.


No, I agree. You didn’t say those words, but it seems OP misunderstood what you said and inferred the “ignore calories” instruction.

I kind of see what you’re saying, but being over a target caloric goal by 1000 is not simply “adjusting” and needs to be pointed out accordingly. It’s better to be upfront and make the point that this behaviour must be corrected before progress is seen.

@Luffers Again, to clarify, nothing I say on here is ever meant offensively or to be insulting. It’s just objective and to the point rather than fluffy and nicey nicey :slight_smile:


I think how I worded it was wrong and ive not actually said what I mean!

What @jeffy89 said was in the first week of changing any diet, don’t go extreme… like just focus on cutting down, then once you’ve done that, the next step won’t feel so drastic.

So before starting on Huel, was consuming in excess of 3,000 4,000 calories easily. When I started Huel and worked out what I “should” be consuming ‘1,500’ calories, I found it incredibly difficult, even after just one or two days. @jeffy89 advice was just focus on cutting down. Which I’ve done.

Just by eliminating the usual bread, crisps, chocolate, fried foods that I was eating, my calories are naturally down, and I’m making better choices.

Albeit it at a higher calorie content that I ultimately “should be” consuming.

After a week or so doing this, I should then feel more capable a lowering the calories down even further.

Also setting myself a weekly target instead of failing at daily targets was another point @jeffy89 made. This is a great idea. Daily I was failing, but if I try for a week, the goal seems to make me want to hit target much more…
So I’ve given up drinking Pepsi. My one weakness I’ve not wanted to quit! :joy::see_no_evil:

Definitely… I worded what I meant wrongly. My bad :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
I’m never going to make excuses. I’m very upfront and if I mess up, I fess up!

I was 100% worrying that I was constantly failing. Even though I was making better food choices, I was still consuming too much, BUT it was still a LOT LOT less than I previously was eating every day. So instantly I have made improvements!!

I’ve gone from 4,000 calories a day, to eating 2,500 roughly. So I’m already 1,500 deficit each day! :tada:

After a couple of weeks consuming Huel, mentally and physically I will naturally start to consume less and less, my appetite is sated much quicker now and I’m finding the need to snack and munch on bad foods slowly fade away.

As I just mentioned above. I’ve gone from 4,000 to 2,500 in a week, now, after a couple weeks I will hopefully get down to 1,500 with a better mindset and a much lower risk of sabotaging myself.

I didn’t really ignore the calories in vs calories out. I was just trying to say, I will ease myself into this new way of eating and thinking of what I’m putting in my mouth. Slowly and surely. It’s been a few days, so I’m not lost yet!!

I’m not a fluffy Nicey Nicey girl myself. I’m as blunt as F***, so carry on :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:
I was just badly getting across my thoughts and I’m definitely working on it.

This is kinda what I was trying to say. I am choosing better options and I am actually lowering my calories by avoiding the foods I was eating previously to starting Huel. Normally I would be eating take out most nights, snacking on whole bars of chocolate and eating crisps and junk constantly. Oh and bread. At least a whole loaf of fresh baked bread that I bake myself at work!!
I’ve stopped all that!

I think I’m doing great so far. I’m on day 6 and I can already tell that there’s a difference in me.

Biggest difference I’ve noticed is my energy levels. I’m able to work more efficiently and I’ve come home feeling almost energised instead of dead on my feet.

My mobility has increased too, as even a week ago I was taking extremely strong painkillers to get through a shift at work, now I’m taking NONE!
As an ex addict, I hated taking even paracetamol but because of my health issues, I have had no choice. I’m very limited to the medications I can take and this was my biggest “need” in losing weight. I want my body back.

As in my first post, I wrote, almost a year ago I was 6 stone lighter than I am today.
This has made a huge impact on my body and my health and I want to reclaim it. Instead of withering away and gaining more and more weight.

So thank you all for being kind enough to help me through this week, I really do appreciate all the comments and feedback, hopefully I’ve worded myself better and you can see I am making slow and steady progress.

I really don’t want to f*** this up, I really do want to change my life. In a healthy non destructive way.

So keep pulling me up on things if you see me going wrong. I’m very honest with my daily intake and thoughts, so I won’t “write what you want to hear”
If I screw up and over eat, I’m gonna say so.
I’m only accountable to myself, but I also want to be accountable to this thread too… that way I will hopefully NOT screw it up!!!


I think that is a really good approach, gotta start small and build from there basically. That’s what I did years back and I’m now walking around with a semi decent physique! :slight_smile:

Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that stuff…


Indeed. I’ve gone the complete opposite way over the last year, from a very toned and very athletic figure to a very overweight unhealthy person!

I’m claiming that body I once had back, but without drugs! I think my recovery from narcotics was worth becoming obese for, but I can’t stay obese forever.

Slowly and surely I will get myself back to a good place both physically and mentally :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Day six completed :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Breakfast: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + instant coffee
Lunch: new vanilla v2.3 x3 scoops + 1/8th mocha FS
Dinner: mushroom stir fry, basmati rice, quorn, pineapple chilli stir fry sauce

Snacks: ZERO :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:

Drinks: 1.5 litres hot water (maybe 2ltrs by bedtime)

Total calories consumed: 1,735 (daily goal 1,500) ALMOST MADE IT!!!

Exercise: 10,559 steps so far (maybe a Bit higher if I go out this evening to collect my daughter from a friends house) EDIT: just closed all 3 rings on my Apple Watch :star_struck:

Weight: unknown, but very noticeably not bloated!

After yesterday, I had a good think about myself and what I’m doing. I read the previous comments about what I’d written, and hopefully I’ve clarified what I actually meant to say and what I mean. :grin:

Today, I did not snack on anything. I actually didn’t even want to! :+1:t2:

I finished work, and as I was walking home, something happened… I realised, for the first time in forever, my body did not hurt. I live up a steep hill and most days I need assistance to walk up it, or if I’m alone, I take an extended amount of time to make the short steep journey to my front door. I walked up the hill with ease… and quickly!
Then at my front door, I always always use the railing to get up the few steps to my front door, BUT TODAY… I walked up each step without a care in the world :scream::heart_eyes::scream:

I actually did a little happy dance when I realised, my body is getting better!

I know this has only been 6 days into a change of diet, but I think because of all the vitamins and minerals and all the goodness that Huel gives you, combined with the elimation of bad foods from my diet, my body is rejoicing with happiness.

I was almost medically at the point, mobility wise that I’d need either a walking stick, or a mobility scooter within the year, so, this is HUGE!

I’ve also found my work clothes aren’t as tight… they’re elasticated at the waist… but they’re fitting just that little bit better and not as stretched out.

Again is an amazing feeling.

Simple goals and simple victories are making me extremely happy right now.

Tomorrow’s goals:

  1. Drink more water :sweat_drops: (I’m always going to put this, as its a good one!)
  2. Find something for dinner that’s low in calories
  3. It’s my day off work. So try to exercise and close my 3 rings!

Weekly goal:

  • AVOID Pepsi :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: