My Huel journey (aim: 40kg weight loss)


Pretty much the same story over here!

I’m happy to face facts - I AM overweight, but I wouldn’t class myself as morbidly obese or anything like that. I’m just conscious that I used to have a 32" waste and wouldn’t hesitate at buying a small t shirt if the shop didn’t have a medium…and it got to the point where I had to lift my shoe to my hand to tie my laces instead of bending! I think I just wanted to feel ‘better’. My family aren’t stick thin, so I’m never going to be shredded without a huge amount of effort, but Huel has given me the kick start I needed to manage what I’m eating.

What I LOVE over and above other similar systems is that as well as getting all the nutritional value I probably never got before, I’m also literally just managing food intake - no odd fads about only eating single green items every third Wednesday, or only eating potatoes on a Tuesday between 2 and 4pm! I was at work the other day and my, now standard, lunch intake is a 500 calorie Huel. However, we were having a lunch meeting and the sandwich on offer was 400 calories, and the drink was 50 - so I know I’m still on track. I’m also with you on convenience - the bag sits by my desk and, after a week, I can honestly say I don’t miss binging on the rubbish I used to eat.

To be honest, one of the other big benefits is that idea of sustainability. Huel’s helped me change my mindset when I’m looking at food and I know that a better knowledge of what I should be eating means that I can carry on sensibly in the future too.

Good luck - looking forward to hearing about your journey!


OMG, I laughed at “about only eating single green items every third Wednesday, or only eating potatoes on a Tuesday between 2 and 4pm!”

Ain’t that the truth! Lots of diets are super fiddly, and I also am not the kind the person who has time or is interested in stuff like Weight Watchers (tried it offline, ended up hungry, and then there were stories about your “weightloss leader” shaming you in front of the group if you haven’t lost, and I’m like, guys, I try to lose weight, not feel worse about myself or join a peer-pressure cult). Plus, their recipes use a lot of processes food and rely a lot on sweeteners and stuff, so wasn’t very keen on those.

And then you have diets where you’re supposed to separate I think, dairy and meat, and it’s working for some people, but what an almighty pain. I’m quite happy doing calories in, calories out, and Huel makes that easy.

I had people suggest I go vegan or vegetarian, but I just don’t like tofu or muschrooms or (gag) aubergines enough to call that a meal. Plus, you can be a fat vegetarian based on chocolate and cookies. So, that’s out (plus I have a tendency to be anaemic, so eating a large bloody steak is actually necessary so I feel well). Intermittent fasting has worked a bit for me but wasn’t sustainable with the shift work, plus it seems to work simply on the basis of calorie restriction, and I can do that without being hungry, headachy and faint half the day, thanks.

And yep, no cravings after the bingeing. I did give my partner the side-eye when he bought two cheese straws and left them in open view in the kitchen, but knowing I could eat one (300kcal), and would just have to forgo the very nice dinner I planned (670kcal) or eat only half of that to stay in deficit gives me at least options and “responsible” choices. It’s a diet I think that treats you like an adult, not a cult follower or somebody who needs brainwashing.

The ethical side is also great. I’m the kind of person who’ll buy free range meat and cut down on unnecessary meat consumption, but Huel is guilt-free on that level. And I love the minimalist, no-nonsense branding.

And yep, agreed on the T-shirts. I’m not actually buying any clothes online because I simply didn’t want to face it. Clothes shopping was always an exercise in humiliation, so it’s mostly jeans and t-shirts at home anyway.

Checking out your thread - how much are you going to shed?


Yes, I think it’s sustainable. I also like the fact, like @brummydan said, it can be flexible, if you really want to swap out a Huel for a similar calorie meal out you can, or make other adjustments to accommodate occasional treats :slight_smile:


So far no treats needed (whew), I’m emotionally on a pretty even keel. Might be the meditating and walking I’ve been doing. I wonder if I should build in a “cheat” day, but so far none is necessary.


Update: Haven’t lost anything, but have stayed nicely within my 1,700 kcal allowance. No cravings, no cheats, drinking herbal teas, and trying to fit some more walking into my day. Halfway through my first bag and officially in week 2.


What I will say is don’t weigh yourself daily it can become an obsession. Also exercise is definitely part of the solution so get a fitbit and step as much as possible. I do the 2 Huel a day thing cut down on sugar massively and eat normally at the weekend although with one eye on calories. I’ve lost a stone and a half since March. I feel a hundred times better.

I also track calorie intake with Lifesum an app available on the app store.

Keep up the good work Vash!


For your days in Amsterdam and even with the foodie friends, I recommend the Huel bars to curb your appetite and keep your blood sugar stable. For me, even half a bar morning and noon helps a lot with cravings.


Oh, I do weigh daily, but I then calculate the average of the week to avoid the “oh noes, I gained 200g” blues. I’m walking more and more aware that every little walk or decision to get off the bus one earlier etc means I’m moving a tiny bit closer to my goal. Thank you! :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea. I actually ordered two boxes of the bars and see how I can fit them best into my day (they should be super useful during the conference). I either go 100% Huel during the conference or 2 Huel and a steak (no carbs) in the evening, in case I have to join in the social eating. I’ll see how my body likes them and will report back. :slight_smile:


Starting weight: ~118kg (4 June 2018)
Current weight: 116.1kg (16 June 2018)
Lost: ~1.9kg
Intermediate goal: <100kg (ideally by end-2018)
Goal weight: 78kg (“stretch goal” is 70kg, but very much depends on how I feel at 78kg)

Update: Was treading water a few days with no losses, but stuck to my calorie restriction like a donkey (I’m a Taurus, we can do stubborn), and there it goes. I think some clothes feel a bit looser, and there’s at least one T-shirt I avoided because it was just too tight that’s now not too bad. The new weight means I’ll have rolled back the weight gain of spring/summer, so that’s encouraging. Again, no cravings - finding it easy to forego chocolate. If I do get hungry at work, I eat 10 almonds and count them. Some days I need 20, but that’s 140kcal that keep me going for a while. Also, now on my second bag of Huel (just opened it and filled it in different containers).

Summary: Everything’s on track.


Starting weight: ~118kg (4 June 2018)
Current weight: 115.6kg (23 June 2018)
Lost: ~2.4kg
Intermediate goal: <100kg (ideally by end-2018)
Goal weight: 78kg (“stretch goal” is 68kg)

I’m doing my averages (weigh daily, add up all the weights, then divide by 7) and on track losing 1lb/0.5kg a week. Increased step count. Haven’t “cheated” and foregoing all sweets/snacks etc.

Also have a box each of the Huel bars for travelling and my stay in Amsterdam. I’m halfway through my second bag (of three), so considering to buy some more powder, but haven’t had U/U yet, so not sure which flavours to focus on. Might just get two bags of each.


This is great, keep going! I hope to start the journey soon! :slight_smile:


Excellent. What’s your goal?


Starting weight: ~118kg (4 June 2018)
Current weight: 115.0kg (12 July 2018)
Lost: ~3kg
Intermediate goal: <100kg (ideally by end-2018)
Goal weight: 78kg (“stretch goal” is 68kg)

Using Huel mostly as breakfast and “food instead of snacks/takeaways”. Combined this with a FitBit Charge 2 and good old calorie counting, plus step goals. This feels completely sustainable and I’ve lost something like 3.3kg in about 4 weeks, despite buffets, hotels and a week with hardcore foodies (who made me ice cream). Now aiming to maintain 3.3kgs loss every four weeks until I’m done. On a side note, getting a bit bored of the coffee flavour and might switch back to vanilla, but have a bag of U/U to get through first.


amazing work :slight_smile: Keep it up!!


I know I only posted yesterday, but there was a major new development on the scales this morning:

Starting weight: ~118kg (4 June 2018)
Current weight: 114.2kg (13 July 2018)
Lost: ~3.8kg
Next “minor goal”: 113kg by month-end
Intermediate goal: <100kg (ideally by end-2018)
Goal weight: 78kg (“stretch goal” is 68kg)

I skipped the Huel breakfast this morning and went with a cortado and butter croissant (altogether 320kcals and totally worth it), knowing I’d have a bottle on me if I needed my usual fix, but that didn’t happen. Appetite/satiety has totally changed. Having my Huel now as dinner in front of the computer.


Hi have you tried happy scale app? I find it quite useful in plotting and predictions for weight loss


Starting weight: ~118kg (4 June 2018)
Current weight: 113.7kg (14 July 2018)
Lost: ~4.3kg
Next “minor goal”: 113kg by month-end
Intermediate goal: <100kg (ideally by end-2018)
Goal weight: 78kg (“stretch goal” is 68kg)

Comment: Wow. Fantastic weight loss week - will have to adjust my “minor goal” very soon. Now waiting for Amazon to deliver my “smart scales”. Also my size 20 jeans are barely holding on. I foresee trouser-shopping tomorrow. In the mirror, I can see that I’m most definitely getting slimmer around the hips. Small indulgence is planned today: American friend is taking me out to a lovely Indian restaurant, but that means it’s Huel only tonight and tomorrow.


Hi @K3atie - nope, I haven’t, but downloading it now. Thanks for the tip!


Well done- brilliant weight loss and great to read your updates :slight_smile: