My Huel

Why do i like Huel?
I am working in the Filmindustry and therefore i am traveling a lot around europe. I have often started a diet, but when it came to traveling to work, i found it difficult to count the calories needed to continue my diet successfully.

of course we mostly have a caterer on board, but very often, they push the breaks to eat around for some reasons.
so often i don’t eat regularly and i often don’t know what i get.

what i can do now, using Huel as Fuel, i can travel with my own food, knowing i do not have to worry about my diet anymore. i count the days i am traveling and travel with the amount of food needed.
( plus some safety portions )


i can also eat when i want, because it is so easy to use and nobody will notice on set.

Do i want to continue using Huel after my diet?

yes, because the other option is a breakfast in a Hotel i always regret after eating it.
So to start the day after my diet, i will have Huel for breakfast and to end the day as well.

and if i don’t like the lunch offered, i will have Huel instead.

Thank you guys !



Glad you’re getting on well with Huel :slight_smile:

sounds like it meets your needs well.

As a hobby, I do a bit of film background work. I look forward to the catering. After a two or three-day shoot, I feel obese. (I’m actually thin.)

My point being, it is so easy to eat poorly on set, not to mention the erratic scheduling of meal breaks (yay meal penalties!). So, kudos to you, for sticking with a plan that would be difficult for many, including me.