My Hule diary

if anybody is interested.

Love reading experiences, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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thank you Tristan.

Am reading it but amazed how detailed you are …Thought it would show that we’ve read it…It takes me all my time to keep my fitness pal up to date!!!
Well done
just starting to feel the clothes starting to loosen so obviously its working!!

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thanks for the reply - means a lot !

well you have ups and downs right ??? i’m at a low point… great weigh in this morning… :smiley:

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and so it continues…

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Enjoying your updates Tony, very motivating which is always well received and much needed.

thank you Colly, at least somebody is reading LOL.

2 Likes latest update…feels good…

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I read each day Tony!!

sorry no update today - it was our 25th wedding anniversary yesterday so we are having a celebration (without Hule LOL)


Happy Anniversary

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hello I’m back after my eating and drinking binge,

Are you doing any other measuring at all such as waist size and how do you feel generally now, do you feel healthier and happier?

Hi Speart,

I have not measured myself BUT i can tell from my shirts that my man boobs and stomach are smaller…As for healthy and happy, definitely feel healthy as for happy as happy as i can be for an unemployed engineer :slight_smile:

I lost about 50-60lbs in total, not using Huel but instead deciding that I’d train for a run a marathon. Even the clothes I bought when I lost weight feel loose on me now.

amazing that !

great results over the past few days !! :slight_smile: