Need more scoops

How can I get some more Huel scoops sent? I have plenty of huel itself, but looks like the scoop was accidentally thrown out the other day. Also need another one for work too. Thanks! Also, do they come with the shakers?

There is a dedicated scoop support person. I shall tag him for his response @Coup


Apparently, it is not possible to add a scoop at checkout but is possible to add one to your subscription. So if you aren’t buying on subscription you could email and they may send one or two your way.

I prefer to weigh my Huel, but of course that is not always practical.

Don’t want to start Scoopgate IV so will leave it at that.

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That sounds wicked.

“Captain, we’re approaching Scoopgate IV.”
“All hands, prepare to engage the scoop drive and jump to scooperspeed.”


I fell in love with a starshipscooper.


Scooper off I say. I bet there is millions of scoops floating in the world’s oceans.

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I have some I don’t use as I reduced the number of flavours I use. Excellent second hand condition, although one was used in the Berry flavour which is controversial :grin:. I will happily post 2 or 3 free of charge if you PM me your details so they can continue to be used. I understand if you’d rather have new ones though.