New Berry Huel Powder!


This is the same formula - the only differences are the flavour components.

However, a few weeks ago we are using new blending machinery


How much sucralose is in berry compared to new vanilla?



Erm well a little disappointed. It’s good but not as nice as I was expecting. Not enough flavour but I agree it mixes very well. Can’t be as good as adding real fruit. I’ll keep trying but not sure I would order another bag


I agree with @r4sutton,I’ve ordered a bag of berry as well and it tastes fine and mixes well. But at the end of the day I’ll just blend some blue and raspberries in U/U.


I’ve started taking the berry huel this week for my first order. Taste wise it reminds me of the refresher sweets, and I like it :grinning:

Only using for breakfast but may use for lunch at work too in coming weeks.


I ordered a bag of Berry to go with 2 bags of New and Improved Vanilla, kinda wish I hadn’t.

The flavour seems horribly artificial, and unlike the time I ordered a bad of U/U, I don’t think I could mix it with Vanilla to get through it, going to be a week of ill-tasting regret, but a well learned lesson.

New and Improved Vanilla for me personally is perfect, I don’t know why I wanted different.


Try adding cacao to it, I find that to mask other flavours fairly well


I tried it yesterday and was quite pleased. I like that there is no sweetener aftertaste like with the improved vanilla. Smells amazing, like strawberry milkshake. I wish it tasted a little bit sweeter as the berry is pretty subtle…like a watered down strawberry yogurt or something. But I think this is the only Flavour I will be repurchasing from now on. Thumbs up from me. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your feedback here folks. Do keep it coming as we’d love to hear more about what you think. General shouts for a bigger Berry taste noted! :strawberry:


Yeah, more flavour and sweeter would be great. It’s pretty good but I think it would be even better amping those up a notch


Just finishing my first serving of Berry on my first day of 2xHuel and 1 evening meals

Very experienced with protein shakes so it feels very familiar although I’ve never been successful with using protein shakes as a meal replacement, hopefully knowing this is a nutritionally balanced meal replacement will help change my mindset with these.

I think the berry tastes great, as said above by @Zebra2374 like a creamy berry yoghurt. I made it last night in a blender and have luckily had a meeting over my lunch today to help take my mind off dwelling over what I’ve eaten. Thumbs up from this newbie!


Has anyone tried the Berry powder and Granola? Are they very similar tasting? a bag of granola would be a cheaper way to try the new flavour if so…


Update from me. I have alternated between the new Berry powder and the same combination with real fruit. In my opinion, the powder should taste like the real fruit mix

I’ll finish the first bag but no more until the “improved” version is ready


I’ve been using berry Huel for the past week and here’s my thoughts on it.

First, it’s too subtle in taste for my liking. I don’t know if people have to have extremely developed taste buds to get the flavour of berries in their shake, but on more than one occasion I’ve drank 3 scoops of Huel in 500ml water and never noticed the taste at all. It’s not very sweet at all but I don’t really mind.

Secondly, it smells and looks incredible. I think you outdid yourself in those 2 departments, it looks like what you’d expect from a good smoothie and smells just as decent.

Finally, it seems a bit easier to mix than the other flavours. I don’t use a shaker ball as often as I would before.

Overall, It’s a very nice idea but it falls flat on the most important thing to me. I’ll finish the first and second bag off during the next couple of weeks, but after that I will be returning to my bags of new vanilla and old stock of v2.2. I hope to buy it in the future if the berry flavour is more present.


Very similar taste to the Berry Granola I’m about to tuck into although I’d say the granola is more true as it has actual dried berries in (or at least something that looks like them!)


cheers, I’ll get some granola to get an idea then…


Any reason why the berry powder option is grayed out when ordering? I can still order them using but it feels like it is not supposed to happen like this…



Berry Huel Powder is out of stock across the UK and EU stores, but you can still get gluten-free Berry. You should be able to select it and when I clicked on the link you shared it was greyed out too - which means it’s out of stock. If you can still select original Berry Huel somewhere then let us know because we don’t have any :sob:


Ooooh does that mean any unopened bags of Berry flavour I’m holding are like gold dust? Ha who wants em I’m starting bidding at £100 a bag :wink: