New formula?

I ran out of powder faster than I expected so I had my subscription adjusted and got a new batch today. I got vanilla and berry (berry was a new option).

Out of the box I notice, the nutritional information suggests 2 scoops = 400 calories. I recall it used to say 1 cup was 500 calories and that 3 scoops = 450 calories.

Was there a recent change in the formula?

I don’t think there’s been any change in the formula.

100g == 400 cal
125g == 500 cal

I believe it’s been like that for a long time.

Oh okay. Maybe it’s just the nutritional facts that’s different.

Hi @anonymouse
Are you in the US?
If so they changed the scoop size
Read more here:

I don’t think they changed the US formula but can’t be sure. If you are from the US you might want to head over to the US forum as there are nutritional labelling differences between UK and US that might be confusing.


Hi, Yes i’m in the US. Oh didn’t realize this is the UK forums. thanks.

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If you’re in the UK there are slight differences between flavours (there’s now more premixes to choose from)
And there is a new(ish) version but it’s not that recent, and as far as I know the calories didn’t change significantly


Ah - just seen your reply!
Yep - the US and Uk have different labelling due to different regional regulations.
So two seperate forums !


We always love to engage you Yanks in talks about scoops though. It is our second favourite subject…straight after Brexit.


Now, are we allowed to discuss scoops here, as it won’t be entirely off-topic ?

This is an estimate, but yes. 1g is roughly 4 kcal.

In my case, this would actually be true as I’m using a bigger scoop
than the one that Huel UK/global provides.


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Sorry, but a bigger scoop is easier with 700 kcal shakes :relaxed::sunglasses:

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I reckon so :grin:

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@Tim_Huel is the new scoop that you have developed also for EU or only for US?

easy @hunzas

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US only, the UK/EU scoop remains unchanged (unfortunately) :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it’s just the US currently based on feedback from Huelers there. It also makes our labels easier as conveniently 100g = 400kcal, which was a little bit of serendipity too.

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Could be great to do the same in EU. The measures are pretty weird