New Huel v 2.3 is absolutely vile!


Thanks Tim.
Not a fan of the new and improved flavour on its own.

I also really miss the vanilla smell you used to get with 2.2 and before which would have me salivating as soon as the bag was opened.

As mentioned elsewhere I was on GF vanilla without flavour boosts 3 meals a day for about 2 years before I even tried it with flavour boosts.
I enjoy the flavour boosts, but would like to be able to experience vanilla again.
As it stands, I don’t enjoy either original or new and improved on its own, but my approach to consuming new and improved is more like when someone dares you to drink a random concoction as a kid.

I get that I just have to hope the flavor changes back towards my taste in the future, but really hoping it does as huel is the only thing I have found that controls my IBS symptoms and provides a healthy nutrition supply, my fall back option is GF porridge and vitamins.


There seems to be ongoing confusion about versions. 2.2 is dead. There is now only 2.3 original vanilla (yum), 2.3 new vanilla (not so yum) and 2.3 UU


No confusion here, just mourning :slight_smile:

By changing back I mean that I hope future flavour/recipe tweaks result in a food that I enjoy consuming again rather than something I consume solely to stay alive



2.3 original vanilla still smells the same as old 2.2 vanilla. It is 2.3 new vanilla that does not smell of anything


2.3 original (at least the 8 bags we got through) has a smell, but very different to me. No where near as present, strong, appealing, or mouth watering.
I wouldn’t choose to have 2.3 original ‘plain’ and my wife will only take original with mocha to mask the change in taste.

I don’t know if it’s the change in source (from experience in baking flavours I know I like the artificial essence but don’t really like the taste of extract) or the change in the base chemical profile interacting differently but the difference between finishing our 2.2 and starting our 2.3 original was jarring.

I know that there isn’t meant to be a difference between the taste of 2.2 and 2.3 original, but they are as similar as mature farmhouse cheddar and Edam


The only changes to v2.3 Original are small changes in the micronutrient blend which has no effect on the flavour/aroma of Huel, v2.2 Original and v2.3 Original are otherwise identical. I’m certain this is placebo effect.


that’s what I hoped but I’ve been through changes in makeup etc since may 2016, I was eager for the new version as I haven’t had any issues with previous changes.

I literally finished the last of our 2.2 with a 50/50 with 2.3 original in one mix and 100% 2.3 original at lunch following 100% 2.2 breakfast and could blind taste the difference even at that concentration

i’m hoping having tried new and improved and going back to original will act as a bit of a reset.

another thing I will try when I get some more original is to not blend with crushed ice, the new and improved mouth feel seems to be significantly improved with just chilled water than with ice, just got to sort out the return


I ordered the new batch last week. I took a mix of old and new vanilla. The new vanilla flavor tastes more like toffee to me than vanilla.

While I don’t mind the candy tasting Huel that much, I much prefer the original vanilla.


Maybe it’s just my tastebuds, but the new vanilla 2.3 is great :+1:
The older version seemed quite bland in comparison …
If anyone has a problem with the taste … just add something we like … be it fruit, syrups, coffee, chocolate or whatever !!

Huel as a company cannot please everyone’s differing tastes … but a generic flavour such as unflavoured or basic vanilla is a great starting point … IF you want to add flavours !
one persons medicine is another persons poison !!


New vanilla should just renamed Toffee it would end the confusion over old and new vanilla.


I’ve just had new Vanilla for the first time (been working through a large batch of 2.2, and also been supplementing it with the granola, so consuming less overall).

I think it is absolutely delicious. A huge improvement on the original to my tastebuds. This actually tastes like something that is properly vanilla flavoured.

The previous one I grew to like, but that was more Stockholm syndrome I think. This new flavour I would be much happier letting other people taste to try and convert them, and I think it will go down much better with most people.

Good they still offer original though for those not getting on with the new flavour. Everyone is a winner!


Nope loving the new 2.3.

I wish they’d get rid of the old one as it just causes confusion on ordering. Or rename it


I just got my first order of Huel today, I ordered the Vanilla but how do you tell which version it is?


The new one has a massive blue sticker on it saying “New improved flavour”.

No matter which flavour you order, it’s all 2.3


I got new-and-improved 2.3 today and took one sip and almost spit it out. Will have to return the unopened bag and hope “Original” 2.3 is more what I’m used to. To me, it tastes like bananas, and i’m not a huge fan of artificial banana flavour. Now I have to work through a bag of this, not very excited about it.


Bananas? Wow. Taste is SOOOOOO subjective obviously.


I actually wish it did taste of bananas, I love banana shakes! I find mine tastes like toffee/vanilla!

Sorry you’re not enjoying it tho @CasaDega :pensive:


I agree with Joe’s opening title and post - New and Improved is truly horrible and, as others have said, tastes more toffee than vanilla. I was determined to give it a good go, but only had about 3 or 4 meals with it before deciding it’s just not for me. I gave the rest of that bag, and the other unopened bag I had, to my ex for her birthday :sunglasses:

I truly hope that the production of Original will never, ever be stopped.


Think I said it before … but I really love the new taste :+1:


Just tried the new/improved Vanilla 2.3…

I like it. More than I like the original. Reminds me of the subtle vanilla flavour from the ‘Muller Corner’ yogurts.

Not sure why people think the new vanilla is sweeter. If anything it is less pronounced and a much smoother/subtler taste.

Best of all, I’m not getting a headache from drinking it, whereas the original vanilla seemed to result in a mild headache occasionally within half an hour of drinking it.

So I’d rate them…

New and improved vanilla: 8.5/10
Original vanilla: 6/10