New & Improved clumps more than Original?

Is anyone noticing new vanilla clumps a lot more than orignal vanilla? I prefer the taste of new but this is a problem so might stick to old vanilla

I’ve actually found the opposite, the new vanilla seems to shake better for lunch at work than the original vanilla did. Very rare I have lumps in it now.

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That’s super weird. I get very rarely lumps in original, yet somehow new improved gives me lumps the size of walnuts. Hmm :frowning:

I do use one of those metal balls in my shakes when I’m making it in the shaker, which certainly helps reduce clumping substantially, but I used that with the old one. I don’t use the huel shaker as the plastic went all weird and sticky and started coming apart after like a year, so I don’t have one with one of the plastic mesh filter disc things on it now, if that may be something to do with it perhaps?

Yeah I am using such a Steel ball as well and not the mesh as I read it could actually be counterproductive :stuck_out_tongue:

HAha I have the opposite problem: my New Vanilla barely clumps at all! Which sounds like a good thing but I quite like the lumps :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lol very strange. Maybe its the Swedish water not being a fan of the new flavor :wink:

Am I the only one that doesnt use the metal bar? Keep it simple guys!