New record - 5 scoops in one shaker

I was pushed for time last night and need to get 800 calories quickly. So went for 5 scoops in one shaker and was able to do it.

I put in 400ml of water, then 5 scoops, then the lid on, then added more water via the spout, I gave it a v good shake and it was v thick added a lot more water via the spout, consumed some, then added more water. Sorted. :slightly_smiling:


I can beat that!

I like a challenge!


I have just managed 6 scoops in one shaker and consumed it within 15 mins.

I put about 1/4 shaker full of water in, added the 6 scoops, put more water in, put the lid on, shook, added more water through the spout.

On drinking, initially it was very watery and got thicker towards the bottom, so much so the last bit wouldn’t come out until I added more water and shook it again!

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Congratulations, really ! :grin:
Do you use the plastic grid, or not ? :slightly_smiling:

I know, it’s one of my proudest moments!

Yes, I used the grid


I usually do about 5 scoops per shaker, have done daily for weeks now, I thought it was normal :slightly_smiling:

I find the taste and consistency identical to a McDonalds vanilla milkshake with this…

200ml chilled water
200ml crushed ice (my fridge/freezer can provide this)
200ml semi-skimmed or whole milk
4 - 5 level 38g scoops (I usually do 4 heaped scoops)
Blended for 60 seconds (standard £20 food blender)

Optional extras (pick one):
1x level teaspoon of flavouring (mocha and strawberry are my favourites)
1x banana
2x teaspoon of instant coffee
1x teaspoon of cinnamon powder