New Start. Again

Well I’m on my second delivery of Huel and have really incorporated it into my diet now and I must say, I feel healthier for it. Wouldn’t say I had the best of diets before, not junk food as such, but certainly not enough of the nutrients a body needs in the day. Now I find I can concentrate more at work and the one main meal I do have a day tastes sooo much better than it used to, think I appreciate it more! This meal a day has also become healthier in nature than it was previously, although certainly not vegan as yet. The problem was I have these awful, awful digital scales. Been using them for 3 weeks and it looked like I was steadily losing weight, roughly a pound or so a week, was made up… until I mopped the bathroom floor and happened to move the scales and put a stone and a half on in the process!!! Needless to say, I’ve dumped the damn scales and bought an old fashioned mechanical type set. So, starting from scratch. Day 2! lol


I kind of get this, but it’s not me appreciating it more because I haven’t had a traditional meal yet, but because I get to enjoy the cooking in the evening. Whereas before Huel my evening cooking was less enjoyable because after I needed to prep lunch too (or have leftovers which was just as dull).

Ahh nooo, that’s so annoying. Why would they do that to you! Hope you’ve picked yourself up from that setback. You’ve got it!