New to Huel - 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet

Hello all, just joined the forum and today put in my first order. I’ve also just finished reading the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr. Mosley and intend to start this from the 1st of january. The diet is 8 weeks of 800 calories a day and can be a diet of all food or meal replacements and I intend to use a combination of 500 calories of Huel and 300 calories of low carb food, basically lean meat and veg. In the book the average weight loss of this diet is about 15 kgs which is about the weight I’d like to lose.

The book does give a plan to follow after the initial 8 weeks which is to eat a Mediterranean type diet or a diet called 5:2, i.e. 5 days of normal eating (good quality, healthy food) and 2 days of 6 to 800 calories a day, where I would use Huel for this.

Has anyone tried anything like this?

I’ve tried the 5:2 diet and found it manageable. I think it would have been easier if I’d had my meal in the middle of the day instead of being hungry all day and only eating in the evening.