New to Huel - Sleep/Snoring potential problem

Hi, Just started Huel in the past couple of days and Love the concept and the idea, currently struggling to find my winning recipe for me to really enjoy it but I am sticking at it.

One major change I have noticed albeit I am only on the first couple of nights is that I am snoring really loud. I have always snored but not to the levels where my girlfriend has had to leave the room and go sleep in another room because of it!

Has anyone noticed similar or is this just a coincidence (i could be developing a cold etc these tend to make it worse)


Can’t imagine Huel could be doing anything to make you snore, although, I feel I am sleeping better since being on it. I think because of the slower release of energy and extra hydration. Maybe you are in a deeper sleep and its actually a positive, for you, not the girlfriend.

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Huel will effect people in different ways so it could well be a symptom for you. It is a strange one though as for me it helps my snoring. I find eating a lot of bread or pizza sets me off big style. In a matter of only about half an hour my nose and sinuses are blocking up and I am clearing my throat. And have headaches afterwards. So it’s to do with wheat or gluten for me. But I don’t get that when I don’t have them and certainly not with Huel, but I do have Gluten free Huel just in case. However from what I have heard there isn’t much Gluten in normal Huel anyway, but I haven’t tried it yet, maybe that’s a good experiment for me to try. Are you drinking enough water? That can play a big factor as well with symptoms, constipation being one which I found. Check the ingredients and see if you can see anything that might ring a bell.

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Strangely my snoring was halted by using huel !
I would snore if asleep on my back
However I can sleep anywhere or anytime now and don’t snore PLUS I get a much better sleep (I feel fully rested)
Strange how different people are affected in different ways

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