New to Huel - windy and wired 😳

Hi I’ve just started and I’m on day 4. I’m trying to lose weight. I weigh 15 stone 11 and am
Currently following Melanie, in the Huel book. Is this correct for my weight. I’m 5 foot 6 and 45 years old. I do about 10,000 steps a day but not really any other exercise currently. Job is active mainly on my feet.

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If you are following Melanie you may need to adjust it accordingly. You need to know how many calories your body requires to maintain your weight, and then subtract about 500 calories from that per day. Everyone is difference so the guidelines in the manual are ballpark.

Go to and input some figures that match you, and go from there. The manual advises how many calories per scoop, per 100g etc. and go from there. There are plenty of people on the forum to give you advice, and say what works for them. I don’t advise weighing every day, maybe once a week, first thing on a Monday so it is easy to remember. Keep a log of weight and don’t worry if it goes up one week, that is natural. Providing the trend is downward you are doing the right thing. If you feel hungry for a couple of days that is natural, and hopefully you should adjust, but if you are always feeling hungry you may need to adjust your servings; same if you are not losing weight, you will need to exercise a bit more or eat a bit less. 10,000 steps and a job on your feet all day isn’t really a bad place to be starting from in our sedentary 21st century lifestyle.


This is what weighing every day looks like. Very spiky.


Haha. So true! I weigh myself every day too and it’s annoying when I’ve stayed the same or gone up for no logical reason. I sometimes weigh myself in the evening as well and sometimes I can lose 3lbs during sleep and sometimes 0lbs during sleep.

I don’t get fixated on daily weights. I’ve learned now they can be up or down. As long as the curve is going in the right direction long term.

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@Bee Versus getting weighed monthly:

Spikes are Christmas :christmas_tree: and Easter :hatching_chick: