New user, advice on quantities

Hi guys, I have just made my first order and I am trying to think how should I take it.

So my objective is to eat healthier, build some muscle and reduce body fat % (I’m generally skinny but have a bit of a belly I want to get rid of), I go to the gym/pool 3/4 times per week.

I usually don’t have a big breakfast (a nked bar and a glass of cold milk with a shot of coffee in it), so I was thinking that maybe I could replace that with a small portion of Huel maybe with milk rather than water? Read around that they have a new scoop so I am not sure how much to use.

And then have a full 500 calories worth (again with the new scoop, how many scoops is that?) with water for lunch.
I got the unsweetened one so I thought I would add some goji berries or a banana to it.

For dinner I will just have a regular dinner.

Any suggestion/advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

3 x 38g scoops is about 460 calories, a Nakd bar is around about the calorie equivalent of 1 scoop of Huel, depending on which variety of bar.