New v3.1 Bars are available!

I’m munching my way through a chocolate one now. Smells amazing - like real chocolate !
It tastes kinda fudgey and has a similar texture in your mouth as fudge - gooey, melt in the mouth with a slight graininess.
I like it a lot.
These new bars are definitely very delicious!
They are much more like a chocolate bar than any of the previous versions which were more like food.
I think they will be popular.
Personally I really liked v2 and v3 and the fact they were dry and not like a chocolate bar but more like compressed food.
I have to admit these v3.1 are way more delicious and gooey tho.
I don’t know if that is a good thing for me personally - I like my food to be savoury. I do sometimes have a sweet tooth tho and these new bars will satisfy any chocolate cravings I have.

My verdict: yeah I think these are better. Much chewier. Much tastier. Easier to eat. I love the smaller size. I love the greater variety in flavours.

I will miss the blandness of the old version tho: for those times when I need food, not sweetness. I find all Huel apart from UU very sweet and I find it too much. I prefer 90% of my diet to be savoury.
I think I’m going to stop buying flavoured premixes and stick to UU. It’s my preference by far.

These new bars will definitely be part of my regular subscription tho. I can see them being perfect for snacks when I’m out and about - specially long hikes or bike rides.
I’ve already put six in my hospital bag for when I have surgery in a week. Perfect healthy snacking :+1:t2::yum:


Having done similar with the v1 bar, can I just say, it’s not worth it.

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Say more. Was it awful?

No, it was fine. Get on with your challenge @David :laughing:


Managing just two of the v1 bars in one day would have been like an episode of man vs food though.


:weary: if only I could live off bars it would be the perfect solution to my laziness


I finished my choc orange 3.0s off a fortnight ago so I can’t do a direct comparison, but I can’t taste the difference between 3.0 and 3.1. They taste like Huel bars, same as always.

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I can’t do a direct comparison either but from memory these knock spots off the previous bars, both in taste and in texture.

I have chocolate v2 chocolate v3 and chocolate v3.1
Not much difference between 2 and 3.
But v3.1 is completely different - actually tastes like chocolate, smells like chocolate and is chewy and sweet.
Previous versions were more like compressed powder with cacao.
I like them all… but v3.1 is by far the easiest to eat and also the tastiest.

I really liked 3.0 so I don’t mind that these taste so similar. I was expecting more from them though.

I wonder if it’s because of the orange flavour. It’s pretty strong, as always, and maybe it overpowers everything else. But @Bee’s Borg buds can detect the differences.

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@David are we still on for tomorrow?

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Probably, if @Tristan doesn’t post about how he almost died from a rectal haemorrhage.


I believe @RyanT ate four in a day, and @jeffy89 ate 6 in a day.
Anyone else claim to beat this record?
@Tristan how many??

@David - ten huel bars in one day may well be a record. You’d be able to claim some kind of title :sunglasses:

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Ten new Huel bars though. It’s kinda cheating.

I’ve eaten five of the 250kcal bars in a day.

All within an hour.

Before getting on a plane.

So I like to live dangerously!

You fly Ryanair then?


Not that dangerously.

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I’m a big fan of the 3.0 bar so I was looking forward to trying the “improved” 3.1 bars but I’m sorry to say I was disappointed. The new bars are supposed to be softer, I found it to be quite the opposite! I almost broke a tooth biting into it for the first time. It was genuinely difficult to chew and hurt my teeth. I didn’t normally need a glass of water after the 3.0 bars but certainly did this time. I’ve got two boxes of the things so I hope my experience improves the more times I try them.

I’m surprised people are finding them hard, I think they are pretty soft and chewy.
Have you let them warm up to room temp before eating them?
They arrived really cold from being in the warehouse / van, but improved massively after being inside in the warm for a few hours


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The three you ate on Saturday don’t count @David