New vegan huel


So I received my Huel today and to be honest I was very excited and I loved the taste. It’s the first time in my life that I tried anything like this.
My goal is to replace food with Huel. So I usually eat once per day (night) during the day I might grab something, like carrot with humus.
I feel great after drinking it at night but felt a bit hungry so had a small tortilla with tomatoes. Is it because it’s the first day that I felt a bit hungry or it’s always like that?
I’m a bit confused though; do I need to prepare Huel from night before and leave it in the fridge?

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Welcome :grin:
Good to hear you like it.
Huel fills up pretty good and for a few hours,
if the shake you make fits your needs.
How much scoops/grams did you have?
Maybe you need more.
Some people have 100 grams (400 kcal) shakes,
but I’m having nearly twice that.
Many, myself included, prefer to refrigerate it overnight.
This makes the texture smoother.



Quite a few of us do this, but it is not mandatory, and guess for many people could be problematic anyway, especially if you are travelling etc…



Hey Alex, welcome to the Huel community, great to have you on the team!

Could you confirm how many calories you are eating per day? It sound slike you aren’t eating enough, which explains the hunger.

One Huel isn’t sufficient for your daily calorie intake. Sorry if I’ve totally misinterpreted your message, perhaps it’s just late in the day! :man_facepalming:



Okay no worries. So I need to drink 2/3 huels per day?
I don’t know how many calories I intake I never counted them. I just eat once per day at night and during the day I eat a fruit or hummos and carrots.



Thank you Chris. Thank you for your imput. I usually put three scoops, yesterday I had two huels. Today I experiment and added fruits in a blender. I don’t eat breakfast so I assume I can make it in the morning for lunch or night.



Yes you are right. Depends on what your lifestyle is I assume.