New version bloat?

Has anyone felt bloated using the latest version of vanilla Huel?
I’ve been on the latest version one meal a day for 3 weeks now and feel fuller (which is great) but also feel more bloated than usual. Rest of my diet hasn’t changed. Has anyone else experienced bloating using the latest version?

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I got bloat with chocolate 3.0 but not vanilla.

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Yes more bloating and discomfort with V3.0 than with v2.3. I tried vanilla and coffee.

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Yes me too, I’ve tried v3 UU and Black Edition chocolate. Both were fine initially but after about 2-3 weeks of daily use, I can’t seem to tolerate it anymore.
I never had any problems with V2.3, not even the wind issue everyone else seems to complain about.


My experience with v3.0 seems to be going this way too. I had a quite embarrassing experience last week in a meeting with my stomach making all sorts of strange watery gassy noises! I’m at the same 2-3 week mark. I had been struggling with the flavour but was trying to push through that. Now I have two reasons to dislike the v3.0 changes.

Bring back v2.3!


For fairness, I should report that after I finished off all my v2.3 and v3.0 chocolate, I experimented with other flavours of v3.0 (all Huel White) and have found the following:
v3.0 U&U - tastes fine (with added frozen fruit) and no bad stomach effects
v3.0 vanilla - taste okish, no bad stomach effects
v3.0 banana - tastes great, no bad stomach effects

All of the above were ordered after the kelp was removed from the recipe which may or may not be related.

My orders are now for banana and U&U (used in a 3:1 ratio) with the occasional vanilla for variety (used in 2:1 ratio with U&U).

I have had no huel-related stomach issues since switching to these flavours.