Newbie @ 43Kg overweight

I thought that the title would get your attention…

I’m 5`7” & weigh in at 114.5kg or 18st… I’m 39 years old, never ever been slim, I was ever a BIG baby (so I’m told) & only gained 5-6st in last 20 years.

Now I do not eat a lot of food contrary to what you may think, most people eat loads more than I do everyday but what I do eat either comes in a box,packet or wrapper & when you consider that a loaded burger on its own can be 1200 calories it’s not hard to over eat without excessive amounts


I intend to use the powder to replace to 2 meals a day & then eat what I need to too makeup the difference to the 1500 calories a day limit I’m going to go for. After experimenting 3 scoops of powder makes it far to grainy in the shaker for me to drink so will only be having 2 scoops with 400ml of water topped up with blended fruit which in tests fills the shaker to the top. The added fruit works out at 60-80 calories per shake, is that amount sustainable??? Or too much…

I already drink around 2lts of water everyday but my exercise regime is non-existent & my job entails sitting down for around 12hours a day with very short walks dotted in, I’m open to suggestions.

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If possible refrigerate Huel overnight. If you are blending the fruit, blend the Huel with it, may make it more smooth, although I personally don’t find it grainy.

With regards to your calorie intake, it is quality as well as quantity that matters. A loaded burger and a pizza will probably take you over your limits. If you were just eating vegetables, fruit, grains and pulses you would see a larger plate of food providing same calories, and they’d probably keep you satiated longer too.

It’s a case of stick at it, and if possible increase your exercise when you can…weekends maybe, or a walk outside at lunchtime, to or from work. etc.

Your current plan should work for you if you are careful with your “make up the difference” food choices.

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Have you heard of IF (intermittent fasting) I’ve been doing it for a while now it’s become a life style instead of a diet. The idea is you don’t eat for 16 hours then eat during an 8 hour window. I won’t go full sell mode to you here but I found it a great help to stop craving snacks and sticking to a calorie limit. I’ll have my huel shake of 3 scoops + 500ml of water at around 1:30 and usually won’t eat till I get home and have my second meal at 6:00-7:00 but I may fall victim to a biscuit or 5 before then. I’ve managed to get myself down from 16 stone to 14 without finding the life style hard or enjoyable.