Niall from One Direction drinks Huel

You guys have got a new celebrity fan…


Oh dear god no…

Or he’s just holding it for his personal trainer!

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Well their live drummer Josh Devine has been using Huel for ages.

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This is what happens when you get interested in what celebrities agree with you.

It’s not like Clarkson was going to start drinking it.

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Give it enough time and maybe one day we will be highlighting the people who DON’T drink Huel.

“Hey, have you heard? Robbie Williams DOESN’T drink Huel!”
“What? Why the hell not? What’s his problem?”

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Great, now we just need someone from Slayer.


Although nothing like Slayer, Paul Harding (El Hornet) from Pendulum has used Huel in the past!


Pendulum more than compensate for 1D sullying your rep by association :wink:

One of the few bands I’ve seen live. They were obviously great, though the main memory I have from that night is everyone on the balcony being repeatedly told to sit down as security were concerned we were going to collapse it onto the rest of the audience below. Who sits through drum & bass? Silly !*@@3^$.

Wasn’t their second album called Huel Awaits?