Niche audiences

I can think of two possible niche audiences for this:

  1. Hiking / backpacking: For a multi-day hike in the wild, a light load is important. If this products gives me the calories and macros, I may rather take a beaker of this with me than an assortment of typical foods.

  2. Prepping: The community typically includes food storage of some sorts in their preps. A product like this, giving all the nutrition needed, is perhaps a wiser choice than just storing say rice and pasta and taking in mainly carbs.


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Thank you for the suggestions @mlcuk

The more feedback I get the more I realise there are lots of possible niche audiences:

Overworked People
Computer geeks
Lorry drivers
Soldiers / armed forces
People who can’t swallow solid food

Stoners, haha :slight_smile: so true :slight_smile: as a student I made pocket money by delivering overpriced candy and rizlas to houses at 2am hehe


I could add to Julian’s list as I have interacted with Huelers who are:

Doctors and nurses
Doormen (long shifts!)
Fitness models

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Throw martial artists on to that list too. I haven’t looked back since starting Huel.

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I’ve seen the founder of this company on Reddit and a few other discourse boards:


That looks pretty good to be honest.

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What could also be really good is for it to be given to recovering drug addicts. I seem to remember reading that addicts find it far easier to quit their addictions if they have optimum nutrition. Give the body what it really needs, then it’s easier to stop having what the body doesn’t need.

I think a lot of addition recovery has been too much psychological and behaviour based up until now. But it’s really no good if someone is desperately trying to change their behaviour but they feel like rubbish. If someone has the right nutrients going into their body, they are more likely to feel better and therefore less likely to return to their chosen drug.

Of course, I’ve never been in a situation like that myself, so this is all very easy for me to say…

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Wow, impressive list! I think maybe a conclusion we’re heading to is that there isn’t niche audiences, like I first suggested, but that the application for Huel is so broad that it’s relevant and suitable to all. ‘Food of the future’, maybe it is diverse enough to be a staple product in everyone’s cupboards? I’ve made a purchase, and now thinking not for a specific need or purpose, but that it should belong in my cupboard ready for any and all uses. Awesome product, well done guys!

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A few niches that I have not seen mentioned:

  • Environmentalists
  • Activists
  • Minimalists
  • Stoics
  • Fasting Practitioners (due to ability to precisely control their food intake before and after a fast)
  • Transhumanists

If you do a deal with the people who make “Sun Warrior” protein which is a raw vegan protein and used that instead of the isolates that you are currently using and used gluten free oats, you can get the raw vegan crowd buying that as a new product in the range.

Advertising the product as “100% Raw vegan with added nutrition to create a complete health food”.

Is Huel not raw vegan already? What ingredients are cooked?

None of the 6 main ingredients are cooked, but some of the vitamin and minerals in the blend are heated.