No disappointment now

Hi I have lost 6.05 lbs this week. I am no longer disappointed. I decided to have 4 x 1 scoop of Huel spread out over the day until evening dinner and then have a salad with a small jacket and either salmon, tuna, boiled egg, prawns and way hay I have gone from 18-7.5 to 18-0.5 in just less than a week. Please do not tell me it is water, or something else, because I am happy and encouraged. I have gone back onto my vits and mins so as to make sure I have enough. I drink lots of green tea. I make up 1 x 2 scoops and divide it between 2 bottles and then do the same later in the day to stop me being hungry and so far it is working. It is strange, but if I have porridge for breakfast (which I don’t now) my blood sugar goes up, but it doesn’t on Huel, so my Doc is very pleased with me too.