No DOMS - thank you Huel!

I’ve been doing 3-4 gym sessions a day, after a layoff following hip surgery. I am yet to experience DOMS (post exercise soreness), which surprised my trainer. I showed him the Huel packaging and he thinks it’s because of the balance of macro/micronutrients (plus this stuff actually helps me sleep better).

Due to my recovery being so good (mostly because my nutrition is on point), I’ve been racing through my rehab and workouts much faster than expected.

Thank you for this incredible product!

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That’s great stuff. Are you training to build muscle or just keep in shape.

I don’t dislike DOMS actually: they give me a sense of achievement!

Sounds similar to me, I’ve been really pushing myself at the gym to tone up and finding things much easier on 100% Huel than I have in the past.