No Need to Include Instruction Card with Every Order

I get an instruction card with every box of Huel. I usually just put them in the recycling, but it still seems like a bit of a waste really. I don’t think this needs to be included with every order. You could probably save significant money if you only included it with first orders.

On the positive side, the subscription service is great. Got my new box of 8 bags of Huel today. I didn’t need to do anything, other than inform the delivery company where to put it if I wasn’t in. It is such a great service to get this sent every month without doing anything.


I also made a thread about exactly this a while back - it’s a waste of paper!

It’s primarily a thank you card. I wanted a little something to show that we appreciate your support.

We could:

  1. Leave the card as it
  2. Remove the card altogether and have no thank you
  3. Print a smaller card (business card size) which would have a thank you message.



I would say take the card out after the first order.


I could be that it’s not even necessary. I never felt the need for it even on my first order. Everything is already on the website. An email thank you is fine, I think.

Sure, it’s nice, but it seems like an unnecessary expense. Personally I’d rather you just saved the money and gave me another pound or two off my order.

I know I’m nitpicking, though. You guys are great. Great product, great website, great forum, and great delivery service.


Would the smaller card cost less for you? If so, my vote is on no 3.


I’d be happy with a business-card size thank-you thing in each order if you want to include it (and I really like that you do :D), but it could slip to the bottom of the box and not get noticed.

Maybe a sticker? They’re cheap, you could stick it to the inside flap of the box so it wouldn’t be an additional thing to worry about getting rid of?


@Marcus the current cards are about 2p each, so money is not really the issue. It’s more about showing that we appreciate your custom.

@wzp if we switched to a business card size which is a 5th of the size it would cost 1p, but could get lost at the bottom of the box.

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Then just keep it as it is, I find it a nice touch. :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen other packaging that has a thank you message stamped on some of the packing material inside the box itself. Speaking of which, I’ve re-used the scrunched up bit of brown paper inside a few times as parcel wrapping. Maybe something could be printed on a piece of that?

@Julian Okay, fair enough.

With my first order I got an A4 card and a smaller narrow card which was probably unnecessary and it could easily be combined into one A4 card. I found it useful with my first order so I would keep it but no need to send it with every order.