No Plates,pots or pans cooking

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Gordon Ramsay did a video on youtube aswell showing his way of en papillote…although his way seems a bit overkill

How many times did he say fuck?

Huel hiding original post as it threatens their

simple way to cook

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I don’t know why that was flagged. It’s not rude or inappropriate. I don’t see anything wrong with discussing other simple ways to prepare food! Most huellers cook as well!

Edit: just watched it (thought I’d better watch it considering I was saying there’s nothing wrong with it :laughing: just in case there was something weird in there).
Quite a good little video.
Maybe someone didn’t like all the chicken?

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I won’t lie, this topic was flagged, and it was so random and so off-forum-topic that I thought it was spam. I’m sure there are many other forums where y’all can chat about cooking techniques :slight_smile: