Non Scale Victories


Hello fellow Huel weight losers (or should that be winners!) :smile:

I thought it would be nice to have a NSV thread, to celebrate our non scale victories - those moments of feeling-goodness that come as a result of our weight loss - that help keep us motivated and on track!

mine today…finally got to wear a dress for work that I bought months ago but have never worn because it was too tight - yay! Teamed with a pair of rocking heels and I feel great :smiley:


I’ve gone down a notch in my belt if that counts.


This is my favourite one.

A year ago I bought a new belt, think it was 32" or a men’s medium. It fit snugly and looked the part. I thought this was the bee’s knees, it’s the smallest belt I’ve ever bought. I started at about 3/5 holes in.

A year later and I’ve run out of belt holes. I’m on the final one and there’s an excess of length when I put it on. Looks like I’ll finally need the small!

Best part is I’ve gained weight since then but obviously not on my waist/belly, which is a good indication of lean mass gain. :smiley:


it definitely counts! :smiley:


I love this one too, it’s one of my favourite things to go down another belt hole! I’ve been wearing pretty much the same belt with my jeans for years and could probably track my progress (up and down lol) with the wear and tear to the belt holes :smile:

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Into a pair of jeans today that I’ve been too podgy for for quite a long time! :smiley:


@clairabelle_xox Well done you, great feeling! :grinning: I was chuffed when I dropped down a jeans size. Even more so when I dropped another size before reaching my goal weight :+1:

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As happy as I am I’ve lost a lot of weight, dumping all your clothes and buying new ones is quite expensive :joy:


Yes, there’s always a snag :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Good incentive to keep the weight off though :grin:


I have a massive hold-all in my wardrobe with all my favourite clothes that I don’t currently fit into!
Previously it’s been clothes that are too big that I’ve kept in there.
Currently it’s all my clothes that are too small !
If I ever manage to get back down to a size 10 again I can enjoy getting all my favs back out.
But I’ll also be a bit gutted to have to pack away all my current clothes that I love :laughing:


Not a problem, like @ChristinaT I have a load of clothes I don’t fit into at the moment, no need to buy new ones :smile:

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Very small victory at the moment as only just starting to lose some pounds - my trousers feeling looser on me!
I also have lots of clothes I don’t fit into so actually losing weight won’t mean I have to do any shopping :see_no_evil:


Fitting into a favourite skirt that I’ve not been able to get into for about 12 years :blush:


That’s brilliant! Love that feeling :smile:

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Not sure it fits into this category as it’s not weight loss. But I’m feeling good about going into a week of ‘on call’ with work and I’m not going to have to faff about buying or prepping fresh healthy food, or washing up pots and pans and even chopping boards! I’m likely to do a 80-100 hr week and to have this time back is huge for me.

More about convenience, but it’s my victory this week!


Just sorted some clothes for the charity shop that are now too big! :grin::grin::grin:


Ahh this is a lovely thread :slight_smile: I tried a jumpsuit on last week (I’m currently a size 14) and I picked up the size 12 just to see, and it fit really comfortably! I didn’t like the jumpsuit on me in the end but was chuffed to bits that I fit into the size 12 :rofl: