Not Filling me up

Hi there

Ive just recently started this journey to try and loose some weight and have it whilst at work. However i dont feel like its filling me up so i do 2 and half scoops adding bit of milk and have a light snack on the side . Is this normal or am i using the amount wrong?

Kind regards


Hi Daniel,

I guess this is a question that can’t easily be answered. Like anything everyone is very different to how they react to something new and/or it will heavily depend on how much intake you were having before.

When I originally moved to Huel I found that replacing my Lunch I was full and could last till dinner with no issues but having said this, all I was having was soup or a salad before hand so I was actually having more calories which made sense.

If you were having 600+ calories for lunch I would say the transition to a lower intake would be a lot harder.

These are my thoughts anyway.

2 of the new scoops fills me up, but I’ve been drinking Huel for a long time and am used to that.

2.5 scoops is going to be about 500 calories plus snack on the side. I guess you need to compare the calories to what you would eat instead. Its amazing the amount of calories in a lot of ready to go lunches etc.