Nutrient suggestion: Coenzyme Q10

I think coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) would be a sensible think to add to Huel. It is known to have some cardiac benefits and is an effective antioxidant.

Even a small amount may be sufficient for subtle positive effects. Some recommendations are for 100 mg per day, but even smaller amounts should have some effect.

It doesn’t taste super bad either, so it shouldn’t have a significant effect on the overall taste of Huel.


Agreed. Would be a good addition.

Having a quick look at the research it seems that most is done clinical patients or people at risk of heart conditions. Is there much evidence to show it could be a benefit to healthy individuals?

It’s an antioxidant, so it should have general health benefits. It should theoretically be able to help prevent heart conditions from occurring in the first place. That’s mostly conjecture though, but I think it’s based in sound logic. I’m not aware of any specific research done into it’s affect on healthy people, although that applies to most other things too

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My former occupation involved creating synthetic analogues of Coenzyme Q10, so aside from the obvious macros, soduim etc, it was one of the first things I looked for in the Huel ingredients list.

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Many foods such as broccoli come with Coenzyme Q10, so it’s hard to study the effect on healthy people of zero CoQ10 intake, as almost everyone gets some in their diet already … unless they’re consuming only Huel :wink:

As a nutritional supplement, I’m not convinced of it. As an inclusion in Huel, I will look into it and consider it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Every single day.

I wouldn’t suggest adding it to Huel. I am sure skimming through a google search by Huel will only lead to a disaster.

After all we already have James Collier being not convinced of it, contrary to world leading cutting edge cardiologist worldwide.

Any updates? James can you elaborate why you’re not convinced?

We get a number of suggestions for ingredients. Huel is a food, it’s not a supplement. If people desire additional supplements, then they should be taken as supplements.


@Squizzle Think this was the thread

Thanks Phil.

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