Nutrition changes

I’ve been tracking my food daily for a long time . My diet isn’t the best and Huel is helping me address that . Look at 3 examples of the drastic changes just one 3 scoop huel shake has done this month for me .

To explain though there has been a lot of calorie changes over the year depending on what phase my workouts take . So higher rises can simply be when my calories are increased daily . But on avg certain things like sat fats taking that much of a dip when the cals haven’t changed is significant .

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Love the data Richard, thanks for sharing. Being able to provide this sort of thing on a larger scale to all Hueligans would be a great target for us.

What is the app you’re using for this?

Those screenshots are from Apple Health. It can import data from a range of sources (mine gets data from MyFitnessPal).