Nutrition like Huel proven rather healthy

I gound this article and it shows scientific support for eating Huel…

“Both low and high-carb diets can raise risk of early death, study finds”


The higher the plant based the lower the mortality. Weirdly as I am writing this and reading the article the BBC news is reporting on this very article. They also recommend more fruit and veg.

Worth pointing out that this study is extremely flawed. It a) relied on people to self-report their dietary intake (which is subject to all sorts of human error), b) doesn’t control for many other variables such as obesity and smokers, both of which were higher in the low-carb category, thus bringing into huge question causation vs correlation, c) defines “low-carb” as an intake of 30% or less which, while less than average, certainly isn’t particularly low, and d) most importantly only measured diets at the start of the study and 6 years later, before following their health outcomes until year 25 - so any dietary changes in those 19 years are entirely ignored. Oh also, they count fish as a plant-based protein source.

With all that said, yes, Huel is undoubtedly very healthy, especially relative to the average diet. But this study is flawed in so many glaring ways it should largely be ignored.


How to destroy an entire study by @IcyElemental :rofl:

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Some of the data is still good, it’s just the interpretations of that data that leave a lot to be desired. Media reporting on it has been awful.

I agree with @IcyElemental

Awful that these studies make the media

Next week you probably gone find another study that says the complete opposite