One week in and reeling

I am one week into my Huel journey and my wife has kicked me out of the bedroom more than once. Some mornings I am scared to leave the house for fear of… ‘aftershocks.’ To put it simply, my gut is a mess. The pragmatic side of me can’t imagine that anything that is actually good for me could feel like this.

Perhaps I jumped in too whole-hog; going right for two shakes per day. Day two was the worst. Ever throw baking soda into vinegar? Yeah, what a mess. I slept on the couch that night.

The most troubling part of this week has been the energy levels from taking huel. I don’t feel like my body is absorbing any sort of nutrition from it. Today my personal trainer cut me off after 40 minutes. I looked a dog’s breakfast in there. He’s quite amused at my little experiment, as he was curious himself, but it’s a total waste of his time and my money for me to have Huel for beakfast on training days.

The plus is I’ve lost 5lbs in a week. Nothing has been sticking around in my gut for very long. As I write this, I reminisce about a time I ate some bad Chinese. The doctor who took my stool sample looked at me with a tear in his eye and an encouraging smile and said, “God bless ya kid,” with a half shake of his head.

Week 1 on huel was like having food poisoning, but without the parasite. Thank God for wet naps.


lol (sorry).

I should “pass” soon I promise.

Any significant change of diet will have gastric, erm, consequences - even healthy changes and I definitely found that coming from my old shitty diet to a properly balanced nutritious one meant I had to sit near open windows for a good week to begin with.

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I think everyone will agree that if you just ‘stick with it’, your body will eventually adapt, but that is probably not the best way to do this, depending on your perspective.

I would really strongly suggest switching back to just one meal a day to give your body time to get used to what is clearly a big change, given what you’ve said.

It is tempting to conclude that Huel isn’t good for you when it has this effect on your body, but I can remember a similar outcome when I first got a juicer and started enthusiastically juicing all my vegetables (oh man…), or when I switched from dairy milk to almond milk. I always say it is like going from doing no squats or push-ups to doing a hundred a day. You might actually end up doing more harm than good, in the short term. It took my sports therapist sister in law to tell me off about the squats… now just apply the same conclusion to your Huelling :smile:


Kudos on the username though.