One week with Huel, I just noticed something interesting

Hello everyone! I have some interesting stuff to share.

So far Huel has been surprisingly enjoyable. I was first setting the “goal” to have at least one 3-scoop meal a day, but after only 2 days it went up to two meals and some days even 100% Huel. Adding a few banana slices, some ice and mix it in a blender makes it taste like a bloody milkshake, this is amazing.

So to the point - I’m swedish and the majority of us swedes use “snus”, which is basically tobacco and different blends of herbs and stuff mixed together in a small bag which you put beneath your upper lip. I started using this about 7 years ago so I can safely say I’m addicted to nicotine. After this first week of Huel however I noticed that I’ve started to cut down on this stuff pretty heavily, it sort of just hit me yesterday without me really thinking about it previously. Before I could easily consume one box (which contains 24 bags of snus) each day, now it’s basically one every two days.

I have no idea how this is possible. This is saving me tons of money, since one box of snus is around €4. Any other nicotine addicts who’ve experienced this aswell?


Great to hear that Huel is helping with your addiction (or no longer an addiction?). Interesting to hear whether anyone else has experienced this!

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I find that really interesting.

I had a brief friendship with a Swedish girl who used to take a lot of Snus, and I was amazed at the damage to her lip/gum cavity she seemed aware of but unphased by. I guess that is the effect of an addiction: the addiction climbs higher than the desire for bodily health.

Perhaps your diet before was a tad lacking, like most pre-Huellers. Now you’re probably 95-100% diet perfect and your body has pushed the addiction back down the proverbial priority ladder?

Either way, €4 a day is a lot over a month. And add that to the money you’re saving by cutting down on food costs… treat yourself to a new wardrobe!

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What I’ve noticed, as a smoker, is that my cigarettes taste much worse when I’m eating mostly Huel.
My theory now is this: Nicotine causes a massive glucose response. There is now much less glucose in my body than when I ate ‘regular’ food (which is highly dosed with sugar of all types). The immediate result is that the experience of smoking changes. I’m starting to notice / believe that the addictive effect of nicotine is reduced by Huel, or probably any other type of low-sugar diet.


We need Huel patches. A constant source of Huel to curb the enjoyment of cigarettes.


Yep, don’t need as much nocotine gum.