Order shaker

Hi I’m a new subscriber when I placed my order it said I would get the shaker but it’s not showing up in the confirmation email.

The shaker doesn’t show up on the order usually but does turn up in the box, as far as i remember :slight_smile:

Thanks hopefully it does as I will need it lol

If not, i think @Charlotte_Huel is the person to talk to regarding missing items from your order.

But Charlotte, dont panic, it might not be necessary right now, this could just be a potential work tag and not an actual work tag!

@JewyB is absolutely correct!

With all first orders you will receive the shaker as this is something that is done on the back end of the system even though this isn’t in the confirmation.

Sorry for any confusion caused here.


Thanks for the reply I have the shaker again thanks for the reply

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