Ordering H+S, do I get a 2nd free Tee?

Hi there,
Have tried using the search tool, and just scrolling for as long as I could to no avail.

Have been a Huel White buyer for a couple of years, and now want to give the H+S range a try. Not wanting to be cheeky, but as it’s a second subscription does that mean a second t-shirt please?

Didn’t want to look like I was taking the mick if it wasn’t the done thing!


Hi. Nice try :grin: You only get a free tee with your very first order as a new customer

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I had assumed that was the case, but also didn’t want to miss out if it wasn’t! Thanks Bee

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I do really like my tee, wear it in the gym and may have to get a second one

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My fav is the black tee! It just sits on your shoulders so comfortably AND just hangs on the body well generally speaking i.e. it doesn’t suck on your skin :sweat_smile:

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I still don’t quite fit into mine, so I’ve never worn it! Ordered the XL but it’s always been a bit too tight. Dieting now and going to gym now that they are open again. Already dropped 3kg in 3 weeks. I’m happy with progress.
Just received my hot and savoury this afternoon, went straight for a Mexican Chilli and oh my gosh it is incredible, love it! Trying the madras in a bit for dinner!