Original Vanilla Feedback


I totally agree that both original and vanilla are way too sweet. Why dont they just tone down the sweetness in both recipes and increase the sweetness in the flavour boosts…

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Because not all huelers want to use flavor boosts. And simplicity of just shaking 100g of vanilla premix and voila, perfectly yummy shake - it’s kinda amazing. If you don’t like it, you can use U/U with flavor boosts or mix U/U with vanilla or original. :slight_smile:



Just a reminder. As far as we know there are no plans to end production of Original flavour Huel

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I find it fascinating that people think vanilla is sweet… To me it tastes as close to a neutral flavour you can have… not sweet at all until you add flavour boosts (of course with them you get the opposite problem… a tad too much and you end up with a chemical soup, so I’m glad for the choc and mint powder and hope for more flavours in the future).



I find it too sweet, even though it has less sweetener than original.



I find it far too sweet as well - much sweeter than the other premix flavours. Unfortunately, for my first huel order I left the flavour mix at the default (ie 2 bags of vanilla) and found I had to prepare the huel extremely thin and watery to make it palatable. Now I just mix with UU as required and can have it nice and thick.



Just to add my two cents, I have tried various Huel pre-blends since New Years (New Vanilla, Berry & Mint choc) and only recently purchased one bag of original vanilla after seeing all the “hoo-har” about it’s future.

Well, I love it. I bought the new one as it was called “new and improved” and I actually quite like that too, but the original is nicer. Original is more vanilla-y (rather than over-sweet like the new and improved). It smells like vanilla pudding/cheap custard powder or vanialla ice cream but actually tastes far more neutral than that, and way less sweet than New and improved.

I am currently working through it with my flavour boost samples (Banana I love you!) and will certainly buy more once it’s gone.

So, I like both, my only actual complaint is the slight confusion caused by the similar names and subjective description of “new and improved”.



After being a reader for a while, I signed up just to reply to this! I first used Huel at the beginning for 2017 (v2.1 I think) for a few months, then after not using for about 18 months I bought again at the end of last year. Thanks to the forum, I knew to expect a difference between Original & New, so ordered a bag of each to see what I preferred, and it’s definitely Original. Like others I found New Vanilla more toffee-like; I mean it’s not awful, but it’s not for me. I received the survey just as I was finishing both bags, so could accurately say I preferred Original. I’ve now (re)started a subscription for Original, and interestingly the bags I received last week have a different label, so now it’s just Original rather than Original (Vanilla).



Exactly the same for me: just signed up to express another +1 for Original.

I really dislike New Vanilla, but like Berry as a change now and then.



I’ll be trying New Vanilla in a bit, last one to try.
But love Original, so based on other posts on this forum, it might not be a regular for me :stuck_out_tongue:



In the last few days I’ve received my first bag of original, which I ordered to see what all the fuss is about.

I have to say, I think you’re all barking mad :laughing:

It tastes absolutely horrible to me! I’ve tried it on its own, 50/50 with U&U and with various different flavourings. Only banana seems to be strong enough to mask it, at the cost of ending up far far too sweet - however, I think this is going to be the only way I’m going to manage to get through it :slight_smile:

I’ve also noticed it seems to separate out when refrigerated for a few hours, and needs an extremely vigorous shake (much more than when initially preparing it) to mix the resulting sludge and water back together. I wonder why this happens with original? All the other premixes seem to stay nice and mixed, and don’t require any extra shaking before drinking.



Never happened to me, not with any flavour.
Most of my shakes are refrigerated overnight, so should’ve happened I guess :rofl:
I’ve read about it separating before, but never had it happen.

Always happens to me like that, no matter what Huel shake I’m having.

It’s never needed, but always do so regardless. :sweat_smile:

That said, Original is the best by far :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s what it looks like for me - every one of my “original” shakes has ended up like this after a couple of hours in the fridge. I’ve never had it with any other flavour.



Wow! Not had any of my shakes do that, including Original.
Perhaps @TimOfficialHuel or @OliviaOfficialHuel could suggest what went wrong here.

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Hmm, maybe I have a bag from a bad batch or something… It might explain why it tastes completely disgusting at least.



Yea, this certainly does not seem right.
Never had it like this myself :neutral_face:

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Nor me and I only buy original.

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Yeah I agree with everyone else - that doesn’t look right at all…



Thanks for everyone’s feedback. I think I’ll hold fire on making up any more shakes with this for now (which won’t be hard to resist :wink: ) and await any comments from @TimOfficialHuel or @OliviaOfficialHuel.



Not that it should make any difference but how many scoops to water are you making.
I’ve used 3 or 4 with 400/500 ml water and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds and never has it separated like that and that’s either left in fridge or not so definitely agree with everyone else that something is not quite right.