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I’ll feed this back to my colleagues.


Don’t worry, this isn’t the case at all. There were a huge number of factors about who received the email.

The email went out to 18,000 ‘Original’ Huelers (as in they had ordered Original), so the feedback will be very balanced. The only people who received the email had purchased Original, so the email will and already has given us a good gauge on what the feelings are to Huel Original. We also consider Forum response in this when discussing so don’t worry, if you weren’t in the group of recipients then we still hear you.

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I think it would be a misstake to stop production of this. You should give it some love, promote it as being more suited to use along flavor boost or own flavoring, because it’s much better for that than Vanilla is. Could also describe it as vanilla ice cream, rather than toffee or natural vanilla with hints of toffee or whatever for Vanilla. You’re, as I said, not giving incitaments for newcomers to buy it with current marketing of those two, and as such it should surprise no one that sales are declining. When I first ordered, I ordered both new and Original because (not counting UU) those were the only flavors available. Now theres Berry, coffee, Mint-chocolate as well. I’m sure many new Huelers would love Original, but you’re not giving it a fighting chance with this approach, instead leading to a decline in sales and disappointed long-term Huelers (were you to discontinue it)… Make it sound unique, or even send small samples to customers that never tried it. This uncool, in my opinion.

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Don’t let them take our Huel original away says Corbyn



I have been ordering Original since November 2016 (on my current email address) with the only exception being to try 1 bag of new Vanilla and 1 bag of Berry and I didn’t receive an email.

Edit: I’m a flump and I did receive the email. My Outlook app had crashed and I hadn’t noticed. Sorry.


They didn’t think you would take it seriously and sent it to me instead.


You might actually be pretty on to it here @hunzas :rofl:

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I’ll order a bag whenever I figure out how the new website works, to support the cause. Got meself a refferal code to use.


I’ll order some too. My last (powder) order was 2 x UU because I had too many other part-bags (of flavours that I will not order again) that needed diluting. I do think that Original is too sweet, but that’s why it’s good to have UU to tone it down with. It would be interesting to see the results of a poll on how many people mix their Original with UU.


Im using mine up by making pancakes with it. I do a 50/50 mix with flour and make pancake recipe as normal. If I’m feeling fancy i make up a berry sauce to drizzle over, from frozen berries and s*gar.

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I personally think it is the beginning of the end. If they werent thinking of discontinuing it, why send out the email? Surely they can tell exactly how popular it is by how much of it they sell?


Perhaps they could do original flavour booster packs. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s just one stat. What about repeat buyers vs new buyers? what about those who buy on subscription? how long have they subscribed to Original? Do they buy other flavours? Is it GF or non-GF Original?

We’ll be looking at these stats as well as the feedback survey. There may be other options than simply ‘do we keep Original?’ or ‘Do we stop Original?’. The reason why we sent the survey is because we wanted to involve Huelers.


But (to me) it seems to be more than just the flavour… It’s the texture as well, and how easily it mixes. Vanilla, Berry and Coffee all seemed to be lumpier after shaking up. I wouldn’t order any of them again, and if Original were to disappear I’d have to do my own thing with UU, Vanilla extract and probably Xylitol.


Where have you been? I’ve missed you!

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I wasn’t actually being serious…but I don’t get the lumpiness and texture issues you mention, and I have tried all of the revisions alone, even though my usual method is 50/50 original and uu. I use the Huel shaker too. Not really sure what is causing that for you.

But with regards to the question I would be happy with either original or new vanilla; there is a taste difference but I like both.

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I didn’t really think you were serious (or perhaps I am too serious :slightly_smiling_face:). I don’t like the taste of Vanilla anyway.

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That’s a shame if they withdraw original then, as I doubt you’d be able to accurately replicate the taste with vanilla extract and xylitol, but if you can get something you are happy with job done :slight_smile:

Having said that there are loads of protein powders and meal replacements out there, and all of them have their lovers and haters with regards to taste and texture (irrespective of the nutritional profiles). I guess Huel will continue to grow their consumer base regardless of whether they keep or ditch original.

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Melt cheap vanilla ice cream and mix with UU should be close to Original. Maybe theres such an icecream without sugar. Sweetener instead


I dont have internet access at home anymore, so an only get online (once my data is used up, which I’m trying to eek out over the month) when I’m at work, hence my recent reduction in input!

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