Original Vanilla Feedback


Cheap ice cream would be loaded with sugar! :smile:



Not if its sugar free!

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but then it wouldn’t be cheap.

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And probably not vegan.

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or tasty…



Sounds like a thoroughly bad idea! :smile:

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I’ve just started drinking Huel but would be very disappointed if they stopped making original!
My first order was (New) Vanilla and Berry, and i do like those, but then i decided to try Original with flavour boosters and much prefer that!
I have now changed my subscription to 2 bags of Original, and 1 Berry, and will be ordering a range of flavour boosters when i have finished the samples and can narrow down which are my favs…

Please don’t stop the Original!!



Wow…! Come on, just this once… how many people are buying Huel? We’ve seen the revenue figures on Julian’s social media, but it would be much more meaningful for us to know how many people out there belong to this family



I did get the survey.

I did make it clear that I LOVE Original and HATE the New & Improved.

I’d be properly devastated if Original was discontinued. It’s been a key part of my daily diet for almost two years now, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.

@TimOfficialHuel, @JamesCollier - PLEASE don’t discontinue. And PLEASE make a decision to keep producing Original soon - I’m finding the uncertainty really stressful…

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This is what always put me off trying Original, I currently use a 50/50 mix of UU & new vanilla, I tried new vanilla alone when I first became a hueller & found it rank, the sweetener taste was overbearing & I was a smoker then with quite dulled tastebuds! So if Original tastes even more of Sucralose… Are you really all so desperate to keep it??

NB - My opinion on flavours of Huel should prob be declared null & void, as I’ve never drunk Huel by itself since that first day, I blend it with fruit, plant milk, raw cacao… Not been tempted to try any premix flavours, I gave my FS sample pack away cos I hated the artificial sweetener taste of new vanilla Huel that much, I couldn’t bear to put anything else synthetic in it, so I’ve stuck with more natural, actual food flavourings.



@VenusFly Vanilla has a really intense taste though from the flavouring.
Whereas Original is sweet but neutral.
Out of interest why don’t you go 100% unflavoured if you hate the flavouring and sweetener?



Because I have a terrible sweet tooth & like strong flavours… Just not of artifical sweetener!

I’ve actually changed my order a couple months ago to 100% UU but I’m still using up my new vanilla stock so still 50/50 at the mo with heavy doses of fruit & cacao! Think I’ve got 1 or 2 bags more of NV to use then I’m UU all the way… :blush:



In the name of justice Berry should go before Original

Fight me



Anyone actually wanna keep berry??

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I think berry is ok but if I had to choose I would prefer to keep Original and lose berry.



Original is by far the most versatile flavour. I can’t see why they would wanna ditch it. Unless they are moving towards all premixed flavours and no boosts. And then have unflavoured for your own recipes. Personally I don’t find unflavoured works very well to add flavours to - I like drinking it on its own and its great to mix with the others to reduce sweetness but the Original is the one that you can add flavours to and it works so well.
I like variety so would prefer to have original plus lots of flavour boosts, than lots of bags of open premixed.
I also really dislike the vanilla flavour so can’t use this as a base.

The only change I would be happy about is if they toned down the sweetness of original. That would save me mixing it with UU. But then everyone who likes extra sweetness would be upset lol.

Seeing as the survey went out to 18,000 people who regularly buy original, and no one I know who buys original got the email… I guess we could estimate that maybe the email went to a quarter of the people who actually like it and buy it.
So maybe 72,000 people like it?! Haha not so unpopular after all



I really like Vanilla and can drink it as it is. I also like Coffee premix because it has a subtle flavour and isn’t too sweet. Berry and Mint-Choc are nice but will only buy a bag now and again. So my staples at the moment are UU, Original, Vanilla and Coffee.
I have all of the flavour boosts apart from Matcha and Chocolate. Least favourite flavour boost is Strawberry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I haven’t tried the strawberry flavour yet. Berry was so so so so bad I think I’ve been put of any berry Huel for life :joy:
I love the mint choc in original. I also love mint choc premix even tho it’s different. Mocha and caramel :yum:
Vanilla, banana, berry and toffee all disgusting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



:raised_hand: Berry for breakfast is my fav!

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That was always the original philosophy of Huel but there’s been a slow move towards premixed flavours and ending original would sort of finish that move off leaving just U/U for people who want to make their own stuff.

I did get the survey email and my feedback was similar to your thoughts about it being the best base to flavour from.

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