Original Vanilla - Is this the beginning of the end?


Berry, mint-choc and coffee premixes are all lush :smiley:

I’ll only occasionally have UU/vanilla with a flavour addition - premixes all the way for me.


I would be happy to subscribe to 1 bag Original to 2 bags of UU forever. No premixes for me. I would say to just put less sucralose in the Original but that wouldn’t suit everyone.


Original for me.


Please get rid of vanilla over original!


Noooooooooo :scream::scream::scream:


It would be a real shame to see my favourite flavour go, but if it’s a loss making product I totally understand the reasoning behind it being removed from sale.

I’ve just received my latest batch, but I’ll try the coffee and mint-chocolate pre-blends in my next order. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a combination with the boosts which comes close to Original!

It’s strange how people’s taste with the Original flavour differ so much. I really don’t find it that sweet at all. To me it’s quite subtle, but it has a fuller overall flavour than the others I’ve tried and works better with the flavour boosts. The ‘New and Improved’ Vanilla on the other hand was overpoweringly sweet, just undrinkable to me! Berry had a bad aftertaste with me too.


@jake83 my taste buds must be the same as yours. I guess it’s the same with everything - people’s taste buds are all different and what one person finds sweet, someone else will find sour and someone else will find bitter.
Personally I think they need to keep a range of flavours to suit everyone but the bigger their range grows they need to start providing samples so people can discover what flavour suits them personally.


I totally agree that both original and vanilla are way too sweet. Why dont they just tone down the sweetness in both recipes and increase the sweetness in the flavour boosts…


Because not all huelers want to use flavor boosts. And simplicity of just shaking 100g of vanilla premix and voila, perfectly yummy shake - it’s kinda amazing. If you don’t like it, you can use U/U with flavor boosts or mix U/U with vanilla or original. :slight_smile:


Just a reminder. As far as we know there are no plans to end production of Original flavour Huel


I find it fascinating that people think vanilla is sweet… To me it tastes as close to a neutral flavour you can have… not sweet at all until you add flavour boosts (of course with them you get the opposite problem… a tad too much and you end up with a chemical soup, so I’m glad for the choc and mint powder and hope for more flavours in the future).


I find it too sweet, even though it has less sweetener than original.


I find it far too sweet as well - much sweeter than the other premix flavours. Unfortunately, for my first huel order I left the flavour mix at the default (ie 2 bags of vanilla) and found I had to prepare the huel extremely thin and watery to make it palatable. Now I just mix with UU as required and can have it nice and thick.