Out of date

What happens to out of date powder or RTD bottles. Is it that the nutrition just goes down?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Yes it’s more about nutritional quality reducing and taste as well. Degradation of vitamins and minerals. In the RTD there may be some reductions in physical stability - i.e. it may separate. With both it’s more this rather than safety however if you choose to consume Huel past it’s Best Before date you do so at your own risk (without trying to sound too extreme!), there may be some risk of spoilage.

What’s the context? Have you got some going past it’s best before?

Last year I gave a bottle of Vanilla RTD to a friend to try. She kept it in her car all throughout the summer and then gave it me back saying she didn’t want it anymore literally 2 days before the best before date. I shook it, chilled it and shook it again and drank it. It had separated and was bitty and lumpy in the mouth but the core flavour was intact. I drank it all and it didn’t cause me any upset.


Stomach of steel! If you had had problems it could have looked like a conspiracy, who close are you with this friend? Are they potentially a murderer? This could be the start of a new netflix series.


And tonight on Hulu… Huelu? The RTD murders


Well that escalated quickly…