Outstanding Customer Service

I just experienced my first ever issue with a Huel order. Nothing to do with Huel, they sent my order on time. It was DPD, who delivered a very badly squashed and torn box with half the contents missing. It literally looked like an elephant had been tap dancing on it! I would expect that sort of thing with Yodel, not DPD, guess I was just unlucky this time.

They say a test of how good a company is, is by how well they fix things when something goes wrong, and Huel just scored full marks.

I sent photo’s of what I received straight after I took delivery to support@huel.com and then phoned customer service. A super friendly person called Ella listened to what had happened, found the email I had sent, and without any hassle whatsoever re-sent the order. It arrived quickly (and not squished and half the contents missing).

Well done Huel, and thanks for providing excellent customer service as well as excellent products :heart:


Just had a DPD delivery (on a Sunday!) and noticed the new fulfilment centre no longer has a label listing contents but uses a barcode (if anyone is interested?).



So we can’t now check that we’ve received everything. :thinking:

Yes been noticing the new barcode label the last few subs deliveries. I suppose the packing label is really for their benefit rather than ours, though agree, the old itemised one was helpful if anything was missing.

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I’m guessing the process is now computerised - every item scanned as it goes into the box, barcode scanned, computer tells packer if anything is missing.
They used to also photograph the box prior to sealing it so I guess they still do this and it shouldn’t be a problem for them to see if they’ve made an error.
As for us: we can simply check the contents against our own email order confirmation.
Don’t bother looking in your account order history because past orders (and current ones) mysteriously disappear :laughing:

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I’m surprised it wasn’t always like that, it’s far more efficient to let a machine read thousands of orders then trying to let people do it.

Just cost I expect. Hand held scanners aren’t cheap. Pens to tick with are pretty cheap.

Likely to be how K+N process orders: https://www.stattimes.com/kuehne-nagel-uk-wins-huel-contract-for-logistics-services


Interesting article, and I suppose geographically it is also better located for Huel.