Overstimulated, is that normal?

Hi I’m new to Huel, only a few days in so far and I’m just replacing breakfast and lunch as I like an evening meal. I love the idea of not having to think about what to eat during the day and have to prepare lunch for work etc. I’m basically working along the lines of 200ml for 1 scoop to keep it simple for me. It’s really easy to mix up and after drinking it does feel like you’ve had a good meal. So far so good.

I’m quite sensitive to red bull or too much coffee and when I’ve had to much my body feels a bit jumpy. It basically feels like my head is going around too fast and I start to feel a bit paniky. Anyway the point is I feel a bit like that after having 500 cals of Huel today, haven’t had any coffee or anything else. Is this to be expected?

I assume my body is getting all sorts of nutrients that it’s not used to and it probably quite liking it!


I relate to your experience of feeling overstimulated. I had two lots of 500 cals worth the other day day and the same today. I feel though that a the feeling that I get is more an energy boost along with a boost of clarity. I reckon my body and mind are liking it for sure!

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Your body is getting used to having all the nutrition it needs to function properly. you will get used to it